Do you like real cloth clothing on your toys or customs?
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Do you like real cloth clothing on your toys or customs?

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I'm not talking about the large size figures 10 inch plus I'm talking like in the 4-7 inch range of toys or customs.

I really like real cloth clothing on my figures. In my customs if I can fit it in I will too. But I must admit sometimes sculpted on clothing just flows better with the figure. I noctice Jack Pacfics uses real cloth asceriories a lot more so than say Hasbro ,Neca, etc...

So which do you like better?

Posted by CplHicks
on Saturday, August 16, 2008
User Comments
hancock -
Friday, January 2, 2009
I agree it depends on the figure. I prefer cloth capes though.
Wonder***Woman -
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
I think it can look OK on smaller figs but it has to be done JUST right, very fine line between good and goofy. As far as the doll comment I'd rather have removeable outfitscostumes on G. I. Joe Barbie BBI ect. I just think it looks better...But I know what you mean about sculpted on sometimes looking better. I just really depends for me.
The Articulated One -
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Plastic all the way for me. Cloth never hangs naturally enough.
warrack -
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
I really don't like cloth in figures. As Dr Nightmare says, you have to find cloth thin enough to look authentic. The same way that you have to exaggerate the way light plays off a figure with paint washes etc to make it look like a scaled representation, you have to make the fibres of the cloth appear in the correct scale as well. This is really hard to do, and while it may be okay for some things, you end up losing realism on the stitching, hems and just on how the garment hangs in general.

Also, I think it makes 'em look like dollies.

Unfortunately superheroes are cursed with capes etc. which are difficult to do. Dr. Strange in particular seems to stump figure makers. I think a lot of thought needs to go into what kind of poses the character needs to achieve. It's all well and good having a detailed cloak of levitation for Strange, but if it isn't sculpted so he can't wave his arms about in it, then it's probably not the best idea. I would rather see a well sculpted vinyl/plastic cloak than a cloth one.
Thor the Mighty -
Saturday, November 29, 2008
I would much prefer cloth over plastic/rubber on the 6 inch figures bt only if they were done well. One terrible use of a rubber cape is the ML Dr Strange, his cape is so rigid he can't really raise his arms but since the figure can barely stand the cloak acts as a crutch.
Henchmen4Hire -
Friday, November 28, 2008
The trick is that you have to find cloth that is thin and fine enough to look natural with the figure. If you use a thick piece of clothe with thick threads, then the figure looks like it's wearing a burlap sack, look to Barbie figures and see how thin their clothes are, that's ideally what you need to use.
MrGore -
Friday, November 28, 2008
It really depends, if they have some plastic cloth, then the real cloth looks weird, also depends if it's a part that the char takes of regularly, and how the figure articulation allows it to move, rubber cloths look cooler on figure, for me, but they break if you keep dressing and undress, I think for street fighter figure for example (ryu, ken, akuma) it's cool, the real cloth, but for a spider man, or super hero outfit no.
Buzzy Fret -
Thursday, August 28, 2008
I tend to like plastic, vinyl or rubber - it just seems to be able to be made to fit better. I wish Mattel used a thinner rubber or vinyl in the DCUC capes though.

The ML Thors could all benefit from cloth capes too. Their capes are all too thick and heavy.

I think the DCSH Superman capes were some of the best. They seemed to be the right thickness and weight.
Goldbug -
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Just tired looking it up.

My fliter blocked it because of high spyware and maleware threat.

That is bizarre. I have Adblock plus for Mozilla & it doesn't show any spy- or malware. His host is Google pages.
CplHicks -
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Just tired looking it up.

My fliter blocked it because of high spyware and maleware threat.
Goldbug -
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Oh yes sometimes they are great.
I recommend you check out this...
He makes some really cool stuff.
Caffene -
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
I like to use it, but sometime it looks to big.

I have a trench coat from a wittle han solo figure that I'm using for Revolver Ocelot, who is a little bit bigger than Han, and the jacket still looks big on him.

but I think it allows the figure to have a little bit better mobillity.
with plastic or thick rubber, you can move them, but depending on it's placement you might not get full mobillity.
Wonder***Woman -
Saturday, August 16, 2008
I guess its cool. It really depends on the figure and what the cloth is going to be made into. I'd much rather have a cloth cape for my hero than a rubber one (or plastic). And if its bigger than 10'' it should totally have cloth removable costumes
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