Need help with NECA Turtle mod.
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Need help with NECA Turtle mod.

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Hey all. My first post here.
I've been making models and painting miniatures for quite a while. I recently found this site and the Neca turtle figures.
Now I ordered one online and the quality was very good. Bellow are two pictures. One of it how it arrived, and the other with just a bit of extra paint work.

So I ordered a whole set from the same seller. They arrived in terrible condition. Sticky paint work. A tail missing. The wrong heads! The list goes on and on.
So I have decided I will re paint them in the black and white theme seen on the Neca set. I have a few questions.

I can't seem to remove the pivot pins. I have tried heating them up but they still don't move. Has anyone got any advice on how to remove them for these specific figures?

Is there a way to stiffen the joints a bit? These guys have very loose legs.

What would be the best paint to use? I was thinking Citadel primer followed by Citadel white. Then some kind of clear coat.

Is it possible to keep the articulation without the paint wearing off?

I have been through the tutorials on here and they have been very helpful. If anyone can offer any specific advice I would be very grateful.

Posted by lam47
on Saturday, August 17, 2013
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lam47 -
Sunday, August 18, 2013
Thanks for the reply.
I'm doing pretty well with my first figure mod.
I will post some pictures when he gets a little closer to being finished. I'm trying to make him look like the large scale sculpt of the black and white versions.
I liked all of the black paint work on that one and was hoping the retail release would look the same. I guess it would have been a lot of work in the factory.
Mine should look pretty close. Used a lot of the tutorials from the site. The brush on super glue for joint protection is genius!
pock63 -
Sunday, August 18, 2013
I suggest acetone for using on the hard plastic parts but you will haft to be very careful on any soft rubbery parts because acetone has the potential to melt parts like that.
lam47 -
Sunday, August 18, 2013
Any ideas on what would work best to remove the sticky paint from the front of the shells and the belts?
lam47 -
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Hey. Yeah I know they are bootlegs. Seem to be the only ones avaliable these days. Weird that the first one was so much better though. Weirdly; the first one had hard plastic parts where the second lot have soft rubber. The bandana, front of the shell and belts are all soft on the ugly ones. Also the first one sent has the waist pivot but not the abb crunch. The ugly set have the abb crunch but it's glued tight. So there are at least two different casts of the main torso.
pock63 -
Saturday, August 17, 2013
The reason for the sticky paint and plastic, and the mismatching heads and pieces missing is because you bought some of the very realistic Neca TMNT knock offs that some Chinese companies have been making, I'm not sure why but they have been making a tone of knock offs of the Neca Turtles.
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