Double Dragon Custom Help, and some questions
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Double Dragon Custom Help, and some questions

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Hi There I recently just joined the community, Just letting you all know I am not shy to customizing as my main years have been with transformers but would like to get into action figure customizing.

So for the first ones I am trying to tackle are the double dragon brothers Jimmy and Billy Lee BUT with their double dragon neon appearance.

Now I am trying to make the figure around the scale of neca figures so 7-8" .

Now one problem I am having as Im sure a lot for you don't have this problem as you have been doing this for a long time is knowing your figure parts.
I want to find a headsculpt around that scale as close to that hairstyle and face as possible. Now before someone asks yes I have seen a lot of double dragon custom figures(the ones on the site). so anyone that can help me by finding a head or directing me to someone who does figure commissions headsculpts/ weapons/ whole figures let me know. and any suggestions for body build?

Last but not least is there a place/archive that lists all action figure heads or sells casts of them? Thanks again really appreciate it.

Posted by shadeozero
on Saturday, February 8, 2014
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Templar Punk -
Saturday, February 8, 2014
Wow, that awfully looks like a Ryu, Ken, & Chun-Li rip from the Street Fighter II V animated series.
Templar Punk -
Saturday, February 8, 2014
I have links for body types for Mattel DCUC and Mattel WWE figures, but as far as Marvel Legends goes that I do not have. I also have a Figma checklist if you are going that route and another good site you should check out for checklists is They have checklists for DCUC, MOTU, and other misc. lines spanning throughout the years.

For DC Direct/ Collectibles, Marvel Select, & Neca figures, I'm pretty sure they don't reuse their sculpts or they rarely do. You're just gonna have to look at each of those figures through wiki or google a checklist to see what parts you can use.

I'm sure other people here will give their input, but don't forgot researching is part of the fun in making a custom.

Anyways, here you go:

DCUC Body types:

Mattel WWE Body types: ... st-updated

Figma Checklist:

2002 MOTU Checklist (I forgot I had this one): ... cklist.htm

(and again JIC) DCUC, MOTU, & Misc Checklists:

I know that I didn't really suggest any Double Dragon related parts but I do hope this information helps you.
shadeozero -
Saturday, February 8, 2014
Or if you can think of close heads with faces like this that would help too
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