4 Horsemen "Gothtropolis" TimeKeepers
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4 Horsemen "Gothtropolis" TimeKeepers

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These "TimeKeepers" are supposed to be minions of the upcoming 4 Horsemen "Fantastic Exclusive" "Scarabbus" figure. Just got all 3 of these yesterday, the sculpts are absolutely awesome! However, the articulation kind of sucks. The heads instantly pop off at any incidental touching, the ankle 'wings' pop out very easily as well and since they are very small, these could be easily lost. I superglued all of the wings into place. I also superglued all of the shoulder mantles into place as well as they were just hanging loose on the figures. Articulation is as follows: Head/neck-ball joint, jawbone-swivel, shoulders-swivel, wrists-swivel (well, kind of, the hands are just on some short rods that extend from the forearms and they slide off very easily), ribcage-hinged, waist-swivel, and the ankle wings swivel up and down as well (until you super-glue them, that is). I would say that these figures are kind of fragile, and definitely not meant for play, but they do look awesome on display (Either in or out of the boxes). For the most part, the paint application was very neat and clean, "Baraeth" is your typical red-skinned (or should I say boned) demonoid with batwinged ears and anklewings, he also sports a brown tunic and carries the green hammer. "Aestorath" is the golden one with black, downturned demonic horns and ankle decor, he is wearing a red tunic and carries the purple hammer. Both of these have very nice accent tones, however "Nybbaz" the Blue TimeKeeper is strangely devoid of any shading accents, he has feathery wing ears and feathered wings on his ankles, wears a white tunic and carries the red hammer. All of the hammers are ornately styled and have a head resembling an hourglass. Each TimeKeeper measures right at 3 inches tall. If you get any of these, be very careful if you remove them from the package, mine came out unscathed, but I would guess it would be very easy to break these or lose pieces when you are unwinding the industrial strength twisty-ties that hold them into place. These are a great introduction to the upcoming "Scarabbus" (which I am anxiously awaiting).

Posted by Maelstrom
on Wednesday, September 10, 2008
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