A tip from a new guy.
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A tip from a new guy.

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Hey I am new to this but I find you can learn something new from anyone. Some may know this already but I think it might help someone.
I just decided to repaint one of the heads from a black widow figure, and thought I would use some thinner ( I do a bit of gunsmithing so I had some duracoat "Trustrip" cleaner/degreaser on hand) to clean the surface of the face before painting.
As soon as I started it began to strip off my old paint job. No big deal but then it started to strip the original paint......then some other paint......then some primer. This is not a old custom. The toy co. put on 3 layers of paint/primer!
When all the paint was removed I saw that the head cast had twice the detail molded in than you could see due to all the paint, and my coat did not help at all.
I airbrushed my flesh tone on after a full strip of the head and it looks way better. so much detail lost from thick paint.
Strip old paint when you can. I know, I know.... not really new news but a good reminder.

Posted by pcurtis92
on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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Speakers92 -
Sunday, May 18, 2014
can you provide a picture?
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