Need advice for parts
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Need advice for parts

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Hey everyone, just joined up so I guess this is also my "hello" post. I'm planning on starting my first high-quality custom (everything else has been small and not articulated) Anyway, I looked through the tutorials and FAQ and I still have a small issue. Is there a specific place(s) to easily find parts, especially for generic parts like typical human body shapes, or will I have to search anywhere figures are found? I'd like to find an articulated body to start with and I'm not sure where to start looking.

Thanks if anyone can help, and sorry if I overlooked something that already answered my question.

Also, if anyone may already know of a figure that would be good for me to work with, here's what I need:
-Female body, preferably between 5-7 inch and not too bulky (similar to DMC's Trish)
-Sleeves on the figure can't go past the elbow
-Articulation in shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist (leg ball joint), knees, and ankles. I don't need all these in one figure as long as the articulation can be added with other parts
(These next pieces can come from another figure, or can be molded, but I'd like to see their availability)
-Head with waist-length hair, not tied
-Large sword (similar to FFVII Cloud's Buster Sword)

Posted by Danyx Eleven
on Sunday, March 30, 2014
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Danyx Eleven -
Sunday, March 30, 2014
Thanks for your reply. I wasn't entirely sure if there was a list of common useful bases or shops with parts for customs or what since most of my work is just repaints and some minor editing. But now I must ask; do thrift shops usually have figures that are articulated well? And by thrift shops you do mean like stores that usually have Dollar in their name like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc?

Also, while waiting for a reply, I looked through some older topics to see if anyone had been looking for a similar base and I did discover a few, but the two I liked the most had skirts that seemed directly molded on. I've never had to remove something like that; is it difficult/impossible to remove or is it just something you need to be smart about removing? Here's a pic of one of them:

pock63 -
Sunday, March 30, 2014
You really just haft to look wherever figures are sold to find your base figures. I try to keep my expenses low by searching for them at flee markets and thrift shops when I can but if I'm looking for a specific base figure ebay's usually the place for me.
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