Shrek 2 Figures
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Shrek 2 Figures

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Well I finally saw these today, don't have them yet but they're in my "buy box" at work.

I'm actually quite suprised by them, at first I thought going from McFarlane to Hasbro was going to be a big let down but I must say Hasbro did quite a nice job with them.

My only problem is that the Dragon is tiny, packed out with the rest of the figures so she was scaled down to regular character size. I didn't really get any detailed looks at any of them because I was supposed to be working but I'd say the Dragon is almost the same size as the Donkey

Posted by CJK Toy Bay
on Friday, April 9, 2004
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Captain Coder -
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Yea, I would think any action figures from those animated children's cartoons would sell pretty fast just becuase of the mom factor. Moms love surprising the kids with those figures.

I appreciate the offer for the pics. I'll get them added to the gallery when I get them

What other new stuff is out? It's kinda cool hearing as soon as the stuff hits the shelves since you have the inside scoop.
CJK Toy Bay -
Saturday, April 10, 2004
Yeah those are the figs I'm talking about.

In all actuality they may not be better then the McFarlane figs but I wasn't very impressed with the McShrek line, just didn't do anything for me. Infact the only one I bought was the Dragon.

I picked up the Dragon, Puss 'N Boots and Fiona, just grabbed those 3 because out of the case of 12 there's only 1 of each of them, 4 Donkey and 5 Shrek. It's not like I really need to collect another line but I had to buy the Dragon and the lil dressed up cat just blew me away

When I get a chance in my small windows of free time I'll snap some pics for ya. :wink:
Captain Coder -
Saturday, April 10, 2004
I will have to check these out at the store since you say they are better then expected. I wouldn't have expected them to be that great either, especially after McFarlane was doing them previously. I saw the pics of the packages. They were pretty funny, the little Shrek heads.

I know what you mean, the dragon definitely shouldn't be the same size as the donkey, but you know toy companies do that all the time and manufacture the whole series the same size.

These are the figures you are talking about right?
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