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Figure Stands

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Does anyone have any cool ideas on making figure stands? Like a simple foot base stand with 2 pegs for feet. Or does anyone know of a good place to purchase them by the bulk for a decent price?

I've seen tutorials on getting a yard stick and cutting every 2 inches. Drill 2 holes (1 at the half inch point and the next at the 1.5" point). Then wood gluing cut toothpicks as pegs.

That's not a bad idea and is cost effective, but I was wondering if anyone had any other neat ideas. Could make for a cool tutorial.

I've even thought about getting some Durham's Putty (like playdough that gets REALLY hard) from Lowes hardware store for $3 and making impressions of a stand I already have. Then mixing more and pressing into the molds I made. But I don't want a peg to easily break off and be stuck in the figures foot.

Just fishing for ideas.

Thanks guys!

Posted by Trustfulguy9100
on Friday, May 23, 2014
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Trustfulguy9100 -
Thursday, May 29, 2014
Thanks guys. I guess after some deep thought, it would be easier and probably not much cost difference to just buy the stands. Pock63, I checked out that link and they have 25 for $12 (+ shipping). They are sold out of everything currently but that's cool. I may check eBay and Amazon. If I did go the molding route to save a couple of bucks, the wire isn't a bad idea (I actually have lots of wire already from another project).

Thanks guys.
Patraw -
Saturday, May 24, 2014
Regarding your idea for Durham's Putty and molds, if you put some thin bendy wire inside the peg and base of your stand, when you make a cast from your mold, I would think that should keep the peg from breaking off inside a character's foot (think steel-reinforced concrete). Alternatively, you could use an appropriately-sized diameter metal rod for the peg when you're making your casts from the mold (just stick the peg into your mold, and press the putty in after--if you put a small "L" bend, at the bottom of the peg, that will keep it from ever pulling out of the base once it hardens).

Personally, I'd just cut a square/rectangle out of some thin/flat material, like you said, and glue an appropriately-sized peg(s) into a drilled hole. You can quickly and easily make a properly-sized peg by using the character's foot as your mold; stick your modeling compound in there to get the shape, pull it out, let it dry/harden, and voila, instant peg (again, you can stick some wire in there too, inside the modeling compound, for added strength).
pock63 -
Friday, May 23, 2014
You can buy clear blue display stands for 1/12th figures on for a decent price,
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