how to fix ball joint on dc direct dark knight returns batma
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how to fix ball joint on dc direct dark knight returns batma

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Hello I recently bought a open set of the dc direct dark knight returns figures and the superman's arm was off and I already had a batman that has the same problem when I put them on they'll stay but if you move it up or down the arm slips off the ball joint and the superman's is ribbed so it kinda bores it out more every time it come off and on I was gonna try to use something like apoxy sculpt and try to build the ball joint up a little and boil n pop it back on but I'm still new at customizing and repairing figures although it's something I'm wanting to get into badly I'm afraid of ruining the figures and thought some of your options would be useful also I don't know much about apoxy sculpt I just saw a tutorial that used it if you have any tips on the best kind and or any tips on what ill need to get started making customs I'd really appreciate it like if I get a dremel will I need a drill also or will the dremel do the same jobs as the drill which is what I was thinking sorry bout the long message but thanks for reading and thanks for any help have a great day

Posted by bolo#1
on Sunday, August 3, 2014
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