Diorama Tips Needed
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Diorama Tips Needed

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Project for my son and I...

Question 1: for 3.75" size figures, is the ration 1:18 correct?

I would like to build a diorama for a city in that scale (a street with buildings to be more precise).

Question 2: Where is a good place to purchase 1:18 (if that's the right size) diorama accessories? For example, Street light poles, stop lights, street signs, doors, windows, stairs, etc... Even if they are model kits. For example, Here:

http://www.modelcars.com/miniart-models ... a-kit.html

They have a model staircase here, but the ratio will not work. But you get the idea. But yes, any of those things that could really add to my project.

Question 3: If they aren't sold, then does anyone have any good tips on making this stuff? Besides a 3D printer..

Quesiton 4: If I wanted to make a window crashable (like, where you can push a figure through it during play, what would be suggested? I've tried cleark plastic with a big X cut in it to push through. But it easily cuts you. Bad idea. I've resulted to using white thin foam sheets like kids use with they make art craft and hats with color foam sheets. Cutting an X or shatter look and pushing through. Anything more transparent that can be used that will not hurt? (I even hot glue little bells to the back of the foam sheets to give it a shatter sound when a figure is "thrown" through the window.


Posted by Trustfulguy9100
on Monday, August 4, 2014
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Trustfulguy9100 -
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Thanks for the tips.

I'll check into Doll House accessories. I may just have to paint them and dirty them up a bit to the cooler dark look.

I haven't considered clear lego blocks for windows that would crash out. Not a bad idea. Just have to keep up with all the pieces.

Patraw -
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Yeah, 3-3/4" figures are 1:18 scale.

You could try looking into doll houses and furniture, as that'd probably be your best bet for finding pre-made stuff.

Almost anything can be fabricated from scratch by hand if you've got the time, skill, and patience. I usually use cardboard for dioramas, but a lot of people also employ foam or wood.

For the window you could make the transparent pieces, mounted in frames, kind of like building blocks (think Tetris), so that you can "rebuild" the window when you crash a character through it. Another option would be to make two, or more, broken panels, on pivoting hinges, that would swing open, along jagged lines, when a character crashes through. Regarding the sharpness, you could sand the edges of the plastic down a bit so that they're blunter. Hot glue is only semi-transparent, but I imagine that you could make thin panels of "glass" out of that which would be rubbery and safe.
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