Custom Tray Case for figures
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Custom Tray Case for figures

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Any suggestions on creating a custom fit case for my son's figures? For example, if I have a drawer for figures, I would like to make a custom mold tray that sits in the bottom of the drawer that has custom slots for the figures to fit in.

I was first thinking of lining the figures up in a row (a few rows), face down side by side, laying plastic wrap or tin foil over their bodies, and then covering them with spray foam. Then lift it out, remove the plastic wrap and have a custom mold tray for the figures to fit in.

My only concern is durability (how easy will a spray-foam tray snap in half when taken out)?

My second thought was to buy some insulation foam board and literally press firmly each figure to create an indention (but it would have to be deep foam and again... may be too fragile).

My goal is to make stackable trays for all figures. My son has a tendancy to lose figures. So this is a way for him to see what's missing (he's 4yrs old) and to put things back onces he's done playing with them.

So is there a better method of making this? I've heard of using a vacuum method and heating up some plastic sheets, but that seems like a lot of time/expense put into a small project.

Liquid rubber and liquid plastic are too expensive.

I know that sounds too picky, but I didn't know if anyone else has done anything similar. This is a creative place/blog so I thought I'd ask.


Posted by Trustfulguy9100
on Monday, August 25, 2014
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SuperSeanski -
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
I have a couple of ideas for this. Going with the spray foam idea (I assume your refering to Great Stuff or a similar product), maybe you could lay down wooden dowel rods to reinforce the foam. Also make sure you don't spray to much because it expands a lot, unless you use the type for windows and doors.
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