Stop paint rubbing off soft PVC & on to soft PVC
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Stop paint rubbing off soft PVC & on to soft PVC

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I've hit a snag with my customising, attempting to seal my Marvel Legends customs like usual.

All is fine until I put on soft PVC pieces, which I paint and sometimes don't paint. I make sure not to seal because it all becomes very sticky/tacky.

The problems I'm faced with are like this:

1) The parts of the figure that are sealed (the painted parts), which are also in contact with the soft PVC - eg capes which touch the legs - will cause the paint to stick to the soft PVC, leaving unpainted holes.
2) The soft PVC gets really sticky even without using a sealer (I avoid this).

Sometimes the paint adheres well to the soft PVC, and is NOT sticky at all. Othertimes it attracts fluff/dust easily.

So far my only method to prevent number 1) is to put on a layer of superglue where the contact parts meet. But it is almost impossible to do cleanly and thinly. Plus it stands out as being super shiny.

I'm about to paint long PVC hair, and want to prevent this happening.

Any way to protect the paint on both issues?

Thanks for all help

Posted by TXT
on Thursday, February 12, 2015
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Truwe 316 -
Friday, February 13, 2015

Duplicolor Fabric and Vinyl spray should solve your problem.
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