scarab/raven PAINT question?
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scarab/raven PAINT question?

Posted in Custom Workstation

for a project, I need to make a part black but appear blue at some angles...

--is there a way to do this?
--or is there already a paint/powder I could buy?

I might just do a black metallic
.. than a sapphire metalic wash.
doubt that'd have the effect im going for

Posted by spartan023
on Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Danyx Eleven -
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Maybe try a layer of transparent blue over the black? It might catch blue in certain light. However, you'll want to test that out first since I can't guarantee it'll work (if the blue is too thick, maybe a wash of transparent blue would work). If you have an airbrush, maybe airbrush dark blue streaks. It'll be more apparent but airbrushing blends into the next color well and might be the best option overall. Adding a little bit of blue to the black before painting won't hurt the cause, either. Drybrushing very lightly with a very dark blue might also help.

I;m not certain any of these will work, but I have the same issue coming up with my next figure where I'll have to do neon green on black and I have to figure out how to make it look naturally flowing rather than artificial lines and I'm going to try these steps myself (maybe not the mixing into black paint, but with a dark color like sapphire it'd likely work better).
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