First custom.... Questions
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First custom.... Questions

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Hey all,

I Collect like a madman, but have never actually created a custom figurine. I recently got this 12" Mcfarlane Scythe figure that's missing some of the metal structure that was connected to it's face and body.

What should I do? How should I alter it? Just cover it in blood? Lol.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by KillerQ
on Monday, March 30, 2015
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KillerQ -
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Hey all,

I decided to keep it simple - and came up with this idea... After some trimming, and cutting, this is what I ended up with... the Blood is still drying, so it will eventually look darker...

Thanks for looking,

KillerQ -
Monday, April 6, 2015

Thanks for the detailed response... I'll look into all of that and report back with my progress. The nice thing is, it's a 12" figure, so it's author easier to work with.

Thanks again,

Danyx Eleven -
Sunday, April 5, 2015
You can do really whatever you want with it. If you want to keep it the same character/figure, you can always try sculpting the structure. Fixit and Apoxie Sculpt are made by Aves, and they're the typical go-to for customizers (two part epoxy compounds). Milliput and Super Sculpey are next in line and I believe both are also 2 part epoxy, but I'm not 100% about S. Sculpey since I know Sculpey is just clay. And then there are other ones like ProCreate and Green Stuff (PC I know is 2 part epoxy, a bit more firm after mixing than Fixit, but softer and flexible after curing; not sure about GS). Or, if you don't want the structure but want the same character (or when you need to paint the structure), then get some model paints (Testors Model Master Acryl, Citadel/Games Workshop, Tamiya, and Vallejo are the main brands) and figure out what you want to do. IMO the best paint for blood color without mixing is Citadel Mephiston Red. I spilled some one day on a paper towel, which my fiancee later found and panicked. It really does look like blood.

If you want to make an entirely different character out of it, I'd say swing by the Tutorials page under the Customs tab on the main site and take a look at a few beginner tutorials. There's really way too much to customizing to explain it all here, so definitely look at whatever tutorials you need. And even some you don't need, I've picked up so many tricks from tutorials for different things (ie; the Broken Peg Fix tutorial I used to make a peg that wasn't there before, kinda the same idea but there are others that you can use for entirely different things). Even the character/figure specific tutorials can give you a hint on how to solve an issue you're having trouble with.
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