Issue with lacquer?
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Issue with lacquer?

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Okay so a few figures ago I started finishing my figures with lacquer. I have Testors Model Master clear lacquers, three kinds: lusterless, semi-gloss, and gloss. Anyway, my issue is that every time I apply it, it seems like it causes the paint to melt. Certain edges look like the paint got pulled away, and sometimes it runs together. At first I just chalked it up to inexperience and carelessness, figuring I'd eventually avoid whatever mistakes I'm making. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening worse now. While I am avoiding mistakes like turning something over too soon (and getting the lacquer stuck to whatever's under the figure), the paint is still getting messed up. Is this a normal thing and I just have to fix the paint until it sits right, am I using the wrong kind of finish, or am I doing something wrong with how I apply it? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Danyx Eleven
on Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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galactron22 -
Saturday, May 23, 2015
I've started using the Vallejo laquers, you can dilute them to a 1/1 ratio and airbrush them on or apply with a clean paintbrush with no streaks. They seem to work fine for my 3 3/4 stuff.
Danyx Eleven -
Friday, April 24, 2015
I had been using white paint base coats until this most recent figure, and the Tamiya white primer is exactly what I started using. Tbh I had hoped the primer would alleviate the issue with the paints. I think I'll try out the Krylon sealer to see if it works better, if it does I'll probably try using the Testors lacquers for dioramas and other stuff.
Truwe 316 -
Friday, April 24, 2015
Hhmmm....I sounds like you are doing everything right, so I am not 100% sure what's going on. I've only used Dullcoat from them and (it's been a while) I just don't remember being a fan of it.

I would probably recommend using a different sealer at this point. I don't use a lot of Tamiya but I did search on a few boards and someone said this:

"I've had outstanding luck with using the tamiya rattle-can laquer primer under acrylics paints.

I used to get paint peeling up where I would mask, but the tamiya primer solves that problem. It's great stuff, I love it."

I guess I forgot to ask if you are priming your figures before you paint.

I have used Testors and Citadel in the past and I used the Krylon Finishes and Army Painters sealer with great success, so maybe try those out too.

Good luck.
Danyx Eleven -
Thursday, April 23, 2015
Tamiya mainly, with some Citadel and Testors Model Master Acryl.

I usually give it more than a day, this time it was a bit less than a day for the final parts (over a day for already finished parts), plus some touch up sections had only been sitting about 9 hours (while I slept pretty much)

As the can instructs, I hold it a few inches away and give quick bursts in a linear motion. Also, I'll add here that while I've had issues with flipping it too soon (putting the wet side down before it's 100% dry), my main, confusing, issue is that the paint seems to pull away from edges as soon as the lacquer hits (almost as if I rubbed the paint away). Though, not all the paint gets pulled, just the top layer (on my most recent figure, I had Tamiya Clear Blue over Tamiya Silver; the clear blue was gone in some parts but the silver was totally fine; however, in the past, this has happened with non-clear non-gloss paint, so I know its not specifically that).

Thermostat is usually set around 70, but it doesn't usually get humid in the house. I usually spray in the kitchen with the windows open, which drops the temp a few degrees.

AFAIK they're fresh, I picked one up end of last year and the other two less than two weeks ago. Not sure how long they sat at the shop, which may mean they're pretty old since I don't think they see much business with model paints, probably less so with the lacquers.

I don't see anything about enamel on the can, here's a picture I found on Google of the same product:

Perhaps I'm not familiar with it, but is lacquer the only finishing coat for figures/model paints or are there other finishing options?
Truwe 316 -
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
I have some theories as to what is happening here but let me get some more information from you.

What brand of paint are using?

How long did the paint dry before you sprayed?

Are you spraying in thin layers and letting each layer dry between spays? According to the Testors Website, you should be misting.

What is the climate of the room you are spraying in? More than 70? Humid?

How old are the sprays? More than a year? Have they been exposed to high or low temps?

Also, I could be wrong, but I think the three lacquers you mentioned are from the Model Masters enamel line, and Dullcote being the only one from Acrylic line. I could be wrong as I have never had good luck with lacquers of any kind.
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