Marvel Legends/DCUC/WWE Elite Figures Adding Wings
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Marvel Legends/DCUC/WWE Elite Figures Adding Wings

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Greetings All!

I was wondering if anyone knew about a link or site out there somewhere in the great internet beyond that dealt with adding wings (as well as creating wings) for your Marvel Legends/DCUC/WWE Elite Characters and similar extremely well articulated figures that might not come prepackaged with wings (I.e. DC's New 52 Hawkgirl ((I LOVE the way her wings wrap around her entire body acting like a shield)), to Marvel Legends X-Force's Archangel's (The latest rendition, not the X-Men Classics Archangel) to the first edition release of Angel's wings versus the 5-pack of the X-Men Classics Marvel Legends Angels wings ((which have NO articulation and appear to simply be an afterthought to the entire character's creation)) that come in the 5-pack from TRU).

I am drawing, designing now a custom character that would exist in the, what I like to call the Intertween Universe...DC Universe, Marvel Universe, Dark Horse, Top Cow, etc. and the hero has wings. If I could figure out or if someone knew how, I would LOVE to take the extremely well articulated wings of DC's New 52 Hawkgirl (I know, why not make the character female, but doesn't fit with the origin story or artwork to be female) and transfer them to a ML/DCUC or WWE Elite Body and then paint them a Metallic via first airbrushing almost a chrome color metallic sheen to them followed by brush work to give it an undertone and shading in the crevices of the wings themselves and then a dry brush metallic gloss sheen dry brushing. Problem is, I am a really noobie, so new I won't even spell it

I probably should wait until I have more techniques and skills in my arsenal and repertoire but wanted to see what I could find by casting out my net to the incredible friends here at Figure Realm!

I know certain characters, like Danger in the Marvel Legends line have holes in her back where her wings fit into the holes and right now the first release of angel by Marvel Legends of Angel with just the two pegs that the wings are attached onto seem to be the two easiest way for a new guy to begin adding wings to characters...but as many of you who know me...given my academic career and pursuits and what I do for a living and what not...there is NOTHING about me that goes Otherwise, like most, I would have stopped after my first BS and MS, or at least after my BSN/RN and not added 2 other BS degrees and another 2 MS degrees and getting ready to start a dual-PhD program. Just a damn shame NONE of my degrees, all of which are in the medical and hard sciences (because growing up my drawing and comic collecting and action figure collecting was SO frowned upon and I was told to get a "REAL" education where I could make a better life...), have a minor or even electives in the Arts or Sculpting, Painting, Drawing or any of my hobbies that I am passionate about!!!

So remember, as I get on my soap box, if you are a parent...foster the artistic talent or musical or vocal talent that your children have and yes, remind them that becoming the next pop icon may not be a reality for them so take courses in college that will help you get a good job after college but to use your electives in college to explore the hobbies they may have a passion about like photography, painting, sculpting, dance, never know when you might have the next Liberal Arts or Fine Arts Savant that makes the next great artistic innovation in their passion as your own child!!!! And don't forgive to support Arts Education in our schools system!! I am a Florida resident but was born in Tennessee and my hometown High School has but back on the number of classes they are offering in the arts but increasing classes in the hard pure sciences and college prep ensure we don't eliminate the arts (like music...which has been clinically proven to INCREASE your child's overall math abilities, and I NEVER would have gotten through Calculus III, Linear Algebra and Theoretical Physics had I not had all those music lessons from high school!!! (Stepping off soap box now). The site just proves...the arts are alive in our world, let's ensure they stay alive for our kid's world as we become MORE socially network, tech gadget engaged and lose the ability to communicate with our fellow man by a normal conversation unless we text them incomplete phrases with unknown abbreviations and emoticons!

Love you all and thanks for the help!

Posted by UFGatorAlumni
on Friday, April 24, 2015
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