Parts for Repairs?
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Parts for Repairs?

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This is my first post here and I have a question for all of you pros. I just bought my first two action figures for a collection of Spider Characters that I want to start and when I opened up my Ultimate Spider Woman one of the knee pegs/pins was broken. I know from just looking at all the amazing figures you guys do that you cannibalize from other figures and fodder that you have but is there any hope that I can find a replacement pin ANYWHERE so I don't have a useless action figure? I've looked online until I'm about blind and I couldn't find anything so I though I'd go to the pros. Thanks for you time and I look forward to all of the amazing work that is presented on here.

Posted by knightrangert
on Saturday, May 30, 2015
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Green Skin -
Saturday, May 30, 2015
You've got two ways you can go about this 1) locate a pin from a different figure that will fit. Some folks end up with tons of pins so if you post over in the butchers shop () you may get lucky and someone will have what you are looking for.

or 2) find a material that will work as a replacement. For replacing pins I always use bamboo skewers or dowels from the craft store. Just insert them into the joint, cut them to size, sand the ends smooth and paint the visible ends.
knightrangert -
Saturday, May 30, 2015
Thanks to anyone who took the time to read my post but I actually to the figure back and returned it. Now I've just got to find another one.
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