This may seem like a stupid question but respond anyway
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This may seem like a stupid question but respond anyway

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In my search to find good sites to buy figures from I've discovered that its annoyingly difficult sometimes. And this trading post seems quite convenient. However, I have very little idea of how the actual dealings work. Like once two people agree on a trade. How is it conducted? How do things get sent? What does shipping cost typically, etc? I figured this topic could help me and others that aren't quite sure what to expect. Anyways thanks in advance

Posted by Bloodywolf
on Thursday, January 15, 2009
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Esbat -
Thursday, January 15, 2009
Basically you make an offer or someone makes you an offer via PM or in your respective trade threads and you go from there.

Usually you trade addresses and then agree on a ship date, a lot of times its understood the very next day or you state when its best for you to ship. And then you pick a carrier UPSP or UPS or Fedex. Many use USPS, united states postal service if in the US, and use 1st class or priority shipping sometimes with a delivery confirmation number to at least show proof of shipping. But this is not always the case, in tracking as many international package cannot be tracked via "reasonably priced" shipping methods.

That depends on the shipping service you choose. Typically items under 13 ounces travel via First Class shipping through USPS. So that can range from under a dollar to upwards of 2 or 3 dollars. One or two loose figures in a small bubble mailer can ship for first class shipping which arrives in 1 to 3 days. Priority mail can ship for 4.65 and up but will arrive in 2 to 3 days. Deliver Confirmation is 75 cents for First Class and "Parcel Post" (Parcel Post being a cheaper but slower way to send packages heavier than 13 ounces), or 65 cents if included with a Priority Mail package.

Packaging will affect shipping cost as it adds weight to what you plan on shipping. Many people use bubble mailers to ship loose or single figures. I do not prefer this myself as figures tend to get roughed up this way and I tend to recieve my figures with paint rub or damage during transit. I tend to recycle small boxes or medium sized boxes and trim them down with scissors and simply reinforce them with packing tape and usually pad out the box with a bit of newspaper or bubble wrap.

And there you go, I've been doing trades for as long as I've been a member of Figure Realm and, for the most part, they go rather smoothly. We have a feedback system, which the famed/infamous Kyle Robinson lovingly moderated but whom I now have assumed this highly paid glamorus duty, where you can look over people's feedback history via the Master List for their total trades on this forum and also look over the "Leave Feedback" thread for even more recent trading history.

So just stick around, check out various trade threads, and feel free to PM or post in others threads to propose trades. Also fee free to set up your own trade thread, pictures do help people to identify figures or parts or accessories they could use.

NOTE: People also sell and buy items, usually via Paypal, but Money Orders are sometimes also accepted, but Paypal is much easier to keep track of tidily. We also trade more than just figures but also other items such as Comics, DVDs, CDs, games, etc.

Anywho, I hope all that helps, I need sleep. And I promise to update the Master Feedback list this week, I swear on a stack of TPBs.

ALSO: I'm sure other members and regulators will chime in here with good advice and or sheer craziness, so make sure to give them a once over. We're all a little nuts around here. Its the fumes.
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