Head Castings available
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Head Castings available

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I've been messing around with the world of casting for the last little while, and it's an expensive endeavor so I was thinking of selling some of what I make on eBay. I have a few different heads right now, that I will be posting on eBay in the next little while, so go take a look at those.

Also I want to increase the amount of different heads I have, so I was thinking of doing something of a trade off system. If you buy off of eBay, and send me a different head than I already have, I’ll send you some of the error heads I have. There’s nothing really wrong with them, they just aren’t perfect, and I wouldn’t feel right selling them. For every head you send, I’ll send you two error heads, just pay for shipping.
Below are lists of the heads I’d like, and the ones I already have. Thanks for looking

I just wanted to clear up any possible confusion. If you send me any original heads in exchange for the error heads, the intention is that I keep the original heads. It's simply a matter of being better to mold the original, so if I ever had to remold them (and the molds do wear down eventually), I will be able to.

I'll take just about anythiing. Marvel LEgends, DC, Iron Man etc. Nothing specific right now.

I'd like to get some different female heads. Marvel Legends, the new Wonder Woman and Artemis figures that just cames out, so long as they can fit, or be fitted to Marvel Legends bodies, im interested.

I'd also like some anime style heads. DragonBall, Inuyasha, Naruto, etc. Again, so long as they fit or can be fitted. I don't care if they're statues or PVC or whatever, let me know, and I'll let you know.




FF4 Box set Dr. Doom (without Mask)

4 Gambit

6 Cable

6 Wolverine

3 Wolverine

4 Punisher

Galactus Dr.Strange

Galactus Prof.X

Galactus Bullseye

Legendary Riders Taskmaster

Sentinel Cyclops

Sentinel Omega Red

Sentinel Mr.Sinister

Apocalypse X-23

Apocalypse Iron Fist

Apocalypse Bishop (bald)

Onslaught Loki (short Horns)

Onslaught Green Goblin

Onslaught Abominations (scarred face)

Blob X-3 Jean Grey

Blob Juggernaut

Blob Magneto/Xorn

Annihilus X-3 Beast

Annihilus Annihilus

Giant Man AoA Sabertooth

Giant Man Weapon X

Giant Man Weapon X (burnt)

Misc Marvel

House of M Wolverine


X-2 NightCrawler

Daken (this is my own design)


Michael Turner Superman

Michael Turner Supergirl

Michael Turner Supergirl Corrupted

Michael Turner Black Canary

Michael Turner Batman

Michael Turner Green Arrow

Michael Turner Flash

Ed McGuiness Captain Atom

Ed McGuiness Supergirl

Ed McGuiness Superwoman

Ed McGuiness Martian Manhunter

Long Halloween Two Face

Misc DC


First Appearance Aquaman

All 3 Danger Girls


Medievil Witchblade


Street Fighter

Fei Long (two different heads)

Guile (two different heads)

Sakura (two different heads)

Akuma (two different heads)

I haven't been able to gather the pictures together for all of them yet, but if there is one you're not sure of, let me know and I'll get you a pic.

Posted by nigma
on Tuesday, February 10, 2009
User Comments
hush -
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Is the Batman head DCSH or the HUSH version or other? Cuz I am really in need of a hush version head of the bat.

Let me know.
traceur43 -
Monday, March 30, 2009
As a matter of fact imma need the three danger girl heads and a Daken head. Thanks write back in the pm discussion.
nigma -
Monday, March 30, 2009
I just relisted them.
Thanks for letting me know
devil907 -
Monday, March 30, 2009
I tried your ebay page and nothing's there. Are you gonna post them later?
nigma -
Monday, March 30, 2009
To answer your question about the heads, no, they don't take any damage from the molding material. HOWEVER, in order to be able to pour the material over, the heads have to be suspended in a small container, to do this, I stick a small pin into the top of the heads. Once everything is done, I remove the pin, and if need be, I can fill the hole with Aves and it's as good as new, and the casts have no indication of the pin ever bening there. That being said, I'm working on trying a different method that won't involve the pin at all, but I still haven't been able to test the method cause I don't have any new heads to mold yet. Also, for those that don't really want to go through with the whole process of trading, I am selling them on ebay as well. It's a little more secure, and I have my feedback so you can trust that. My id is camcokid.

traceur43 -
Monday, March 30, 2009
Thats great news "FLAWPUNK" I was wondering if the original head takes any damage after being casted at all? I'm willing to send nigma some explosive heads such as Ultron, Scarlet witch, Doc Samson, Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman, Wonder man, and Absorbing man to name a few.
flawpunk -
Monday, March 30, 2009
Got my heads in the other day and they came out great. All wrre really smooth with full detail. He does a really good job especially with how hard of can be to cast. I really do suggest trading some heads. And the more different heads u send the more he'll be able to cast for us later.
flawpunk -
Saturday, February 28, 2009
I'd like a cable, akuma, and punisher. I have several heads I can give u. just message me back if you're interested
windblock2002 -
Saturday, February 28, 2009
I really need DC Demon Entrigan head....I would be real happy(up coming custom)...I'm starting to make my fodder box grow Again ....I used to have like 2000 figures ......You can check out my customs on the realm...I'm willing to send some heads to you so you can cast them...maybe we can work something out? Thanks WB 2002.
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