Wanted: 1980s Joes and other toylines
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Wanted: 1980s Joes and other toylines

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the following items to plug the various gaps in my collection. I am looking for legit factory sealed MOSC/MISB pieces, or MIB opened box but contents mint/complete/unused. I am pretty flexible with packaging condition, as long as the item doesn't suffer from heavy wear or damage I'm inclined to pick it up. Am not looking to acquire AFA graded pieces at this time.

Honest sellers with legit pieces only please, thank you for helping me out with my collection!

G.I.Joe Figures
Interested in any factory sealed pieces, be they straight arm or swivel, peach or grey cards, mail-in versions etc.
1982/83 - Doc, Flash, Grunt, Snake Eyes and Zap
1984 - Blowtorch, Mutt & Junkyard, Scrap Iron and Spirit
1985 - Airtight, Alpine, Barbacue, Bazooka, Eels, Footloose, Quick Kick and Snow Serpent
1986 - BAT, Dr Mindbender, Iceberg, Leatherneck, Sci-Fi, Viper and Zarana
1987 - Big Boa, Chuckles, Crazylegs, Croc Master, Falcon, Jinx, Law & Order, Outback, Raptor, Sneak Peek and Tunnel Rat
1988 - Budo, Hit & Run, Hydro-Viper, Iron Grenadiers, Repeater, Road Pig, Shockwave, Spearhead and Max, Toxo-Viper, Voltar and all Night Force 2-packs
1989 - Alley Viper, Backblast, Deep Six, Gnawgahyde, H.E.A.T. Viper, Night-Viper, Snake Eyes, Stalker and all Night Force 2-packs
1990 - Ambush, Bullhorn, Captain Grid-Iron, Freefall, Metal-Head, Night-Creeper, Rampart, Range-Viper, Rock-Viper, Salvo, Stretcher, Sub-Zero, Topside and Undertow
1991 - BAT, Cobra Commander, Crimson Guard Immortal, Desert Scorpion, Dusty & Sandstorm, General Hawk, Heavy Duty, Incinerators, Low-Light, Mercer, Red Star, Sci-Fi, Snow Serpent and Tracker
1992 - Roadblock, General Flagg, Gung-Ho and Wild Bill
1993 - Bazooka, Cross-Country, Iceberg, Roadblock, Colonel Courage, Leatherneck, Snow Storm, Outback, Night Creeper Leader, Dr. Mindbender, Gung-Ho, Duke, Frostbite, Keel-Haul, Backblast, Crimson Guard Commander, Cobra Commander, Wild Bill, General Flagg, Law, Mace, Muskrat, all Mega-Marines and Rapid Deployment Force mail-in set
1994 - Flint, Dial-Tone, Shipwreck, Metal-Head, Lifeline, Stalker, Ice Cream Soldier, Major Bludd and Snow Storm

G.I.Joe Vehicles and Accessories
1983 - Command Center Headquarters
1984 - Chameleon, WHALE, VAMP Mark II, Bivouac, Machine Gun Defense Unit, Missile Defense Unit, Mortar Defense Unit, Mountain Howitzer, Watch Tower and MANTA
1985 - Armadillo, AWE Striker, Bridge Layer, Mauler, Moray, Transportable Tactical Battle Platform and USS Flagg
1986 - Air Chariot, Devilfish, Night Raven, Triple T, Thunder Machine, Swampfire, LAW, Outpost Defender and Surveillance Port
1987 - Defiant, Jet Pack, Mobile Command Center, Pogo, Vector, Air Skiff, Dreadnok Cycle and Sea Ray
1988 - Adder, Desert Fox, Imp, Mean Dog, Stellar Stiletto, DEMON and Destro's Despoiler
1989 - HISS II, Razorback and Mudfighter/HISS II 2-pack
1990 - General, Hammerhead, Locust, Piranha, Rage and Destro's Dominator
1991 - Badger, Ice Sabre and Paralyzer

Emperor Dark mail-in, Starbase Station, Medical Bay, Big Cannon Fortress, Command Post, Vehicle Repair, Laser Artillery, Missile Station, HARV-7, Missile Fox, Starmax Bomber, Starwolf, Starhawk, Battlecrane, Tornado Gunship, Shadowbat, Shadow Spy, Shadow Blast Track, Shadow Upriser, Shadow Mini-Tank and Shadow Attack Trike

Sgt Mace, Longarm, Bullet-Proof, Big Boss, Buttons McBoomBoom, Berserko, Taser, Louise, Inferno, Bullitt, Checkpoint, Power Keg, APES, and Nightmare. Ironsides, Blue Streak Highway Interceptor and Air Raid vehicles.

All MOSC figures, Capture Chariot and Dagger Assault

Also looking for any items from Battle Beasts/Beastformers, Real Ghostbusters, Captain Power, Inhumanoids, Air Raiders, MASK, Silverhawks and Thundercats.

Posted by fish&chips
on Saturday, May 9, 2009
User Comments
fish&chips -
Friday, May 15, 2009
Thanks for replying but I am looking for MOC/MIB/MISB pieces only. I started out getting loose stuff but was always not satisfied with the conditions, and time involved in hunting and completing parts...
Majinite -
Monday, May 11, 2009
Hey man. I wasn't able to post my for sale list with links here cuz I havent been around long enough or whatever. I've been a buyer/seller for a long time though. I have a mint Cobra Hammerhead (no driver but all parts otherwise), and also a Cobra Ice Sabre (the turrets are loose, and some of the stickers came off but arent ripped or anything)

I also have a bunch of other random gi joe vehicles im selling. if you send me your email, I can send you some pics of what I have available. also, I am selling a set of 78 battle beasts with rub signs (only 6 weapons but figs are great condition) and I have 44 others with no rub signs if your interested? I can send pics of everything if you want. lemme know.
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