New Trade List *UPDATED*
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New Trade List *UPDATED*

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Taking trades on what's left. Look over and get back with me


Hasbro Signature Series Alien Resurrection Face-Hugger & Chestbuster. They have bendible appendages that latch on to stuff. cool as props and lifelike. when I bought them originally, I was gonna fill up the tubes with slime or water or something for display, but never got around to it. I was holding these for another guy and he recently said he can't take them now, so these are available. hit me up if interested

2. Kingdom Hearts Series 1 Set (comes with original packaging and accessories. figures were removed but the window is still attached to the backing)

4. Street Fighter Alpha 2 Ryu & Akuma ( bought these at an Electronics Boutique a long time ago. I havent seen them for sale anywhere else)

5. Hasbro Alien Warrior Drone 12"

7. Mezco Real Action Series Alien 12" MIB
here is a link to an ebay auction for the same figure -

8. Freddy vs Jason Boxset by Neca MIB

9. 12" Predators Reg & Variant

10. Spawn: The Creech

11. Spawn: The Heap & Darkchylde Demon (demon has weapons/wings not pictured)

13. random Spawn figures

14. SSJ Vegita, Vegita and SSJ Goku (they all have removeable armor)

15. Puppetmaster 6 shooter (guns were glued in place when I purchased it)

16. Spawn in fishtank

17. ToyBiz Marvel Legends figures

Venom (had no accessories)
Apocalypse (crusher-arm and 2 tubes)
Man-Spider (had no accessories)
The Thing (metal helmet)
Green Goblin (pumpkin bomb and goblin glider)
Blade (sword)
Dr. Doom (cape and blaster)
Deadpool ( 2 swords and dagger)
DemoGoblin (pumpkin bomb)
Scarlet Spider (webshield)
Beast (hang-bar)
Wolverine (2 dual-bladed daggers)

18. Classic Superstars: The Ultimate Warrior, Ted Dibiase X2 , Macho Man Randy Savage

19. Thundercats Monkia

20. Spawn Bottomline and Top Gun

21. Devilman Saylos (window was opened but still attached to card) and Tribal Amon

22. Viper King and Cyber Spawn

23. random TMNT

24. Spiderman Symbiote

26. TMNT Slash with weapons

27. random figures

28. Star Wars Darth Mauls (2 have microchip bases)

29. Star Wars Darth Vader (no lightsabre)

30. WW2 Gas Mask/ Artillery Shells

31. Costume Tigerhead Nunchucks

32. Kenner Alien Queen Playset (comes with all accessories/directions and box)

33. Kenner Hive Wars aliens/Gorilla Alien/Queen Alien

34. Kenner Alien figures in package (window is opened but attached to card. figures were displayed briefly)

36. Alien Resurrection figures

37. Touma Knuckle Bear large

38. Rocklords Terrordactyl

39. Soul Calibur Nightmare (horn is missing)

40. Movie Maniacs Jason & Freddy Bloody Versions (Jason has harpoon, machete and axe. Freddy didn't come with any accessories)

41. Resident Evil (as a set ONLY)

Birkin G-2
Birkin G-3
Zombies (cop, forest speyers X2, scientists X2, citizen)
Jill Valentine
Ada Wong
Leon Kennedy
Chris Redfield
Claire Redfield
Sherry Birkin

43. Cobra Ice Sabre ( stickers, accessories and all 4 missiles. turrets are loose)

44. Cobra HISS rare reissue (stickers, accessories and missiles)

45. Cobra Hammerhead ( all missiles, accessories, stickers and extra vehicles)

46. random weapons lot

47. gun lot

48. missiles lot
48A. guns lot
48B. pending
48C. missile launchers

49. random weapons

50. random parts

51. random dinos lot

52. Schleich Sabretooth/Stuffed Dino

53. Definitely Dinosaurs:

Apatosaurus (blue brontosaurus)
Triceratops (brown)
Protoceratops (small green triceratops)
Struthiomimus (blue-ostrich)
Dimetrodon (sail back)
Psittacosaurus (small blue duckbill)
Polacanthus (small blue spikey)
Anatosaurus (large duckbill)

54. Baby Godzillas

55. King Kong & Alien Queen

57. Pokemon Charizard beanie with fire symbol

58. Primal Rage Blizzard, Talon and Diablo

60. Predator Mini-Bust

61. Predator 2 Mini-Bust

62. Predator Defeated Mini-Bust

63. Capcom MegaMan figure (with chest armor and visor)

64. Strategy Guides: Final Fantasy VIII, IX and Baten Kaitos (gamecube)

65. Tonka Steel Monsters Destroyer and & Blaster (no drivers/ Destroyer missing one tread)

66. Cobra Eliminator & Spare Hammerhead

67. Voltron (vehicle form - missing parts)

68. random dinos

69. Cobra Sidewinder

70. GI Joe Vehicle

71. Cobra Earthquake (no missiles)

72. Cobra Rattler (all accessories, stickers and missiles)

73. random vehicles

74. MASK Volcano

75. Alien figure from Corporal Hicks set

76. TMNT Chopper

77. He-Man vehicle

78. Giant Robot

79. MOTU Snake Mountain ( no accessories )

80. Cobra Hovercraft (only 1 missile)

81. GI Joe Hovercraft (missing parts)

82. GI Joe ThunderClap

83. GI Joe Submarine

84. Safari Baleen Whale

86. Battle Beasts with rubs (set of 80) includes several color variants no weapons

Battle Beasts without rubs (set of 44) includes several color variants no weapons

92. mini-transformers & bumblebee

I have a bunch of Terminator figs I've accrued as a result of working a trade with a dude who got screwed over by another trader and couldnt come through on his end. Anyway, these are complete, with the exception of one of the endoskeletons who is missing its silver gun. The T-X endoskeleton comes with 2 extra arms and there are 3 stands included. These are loose and in great shape. looking for offers and trades

I am looking for these in trade:

Art of War Zoddo figure (Black-eyed version)
FFX Heretic Bahamut
Iguantus and Tuskadon: Spawn The Dark Ages Series 14
The Ogre: Spawn The Dark Ages Series 11
Marvel Icons Green/Grey Hulk
Marvel Legends Onslaught Abomination
Marvel Legends Sentinel BAF
Marvel BAF Fin Fang Foom
Marvel Legends Face-Off Hulk
Marvel Diamond Select Red/Green Hulk
Neca Cenobite Lair
Sideshow 12” Trick R Treat Sam
Play Arts Final Fantasy IX figure set
TMNT The Movie Sloth figure
Toybiz Lord of the Rings Armored Troll
Toybiz Lord of the Rings TT Cave Troll
Neca Harry Potter Dementor
GOW SDCC Lambent Locust
McFarlane/Neca Aliens
Target Felucian Battle Rancor
Living Dead Dolls Pumpkin Orange Variant
Gears of War Series 4 Grenadier/Flamethrower/Ticker
Gears of War RAAM vs Kim set
Spawn The Bible Art *just the little goblins*

thanks for reading. pm me if interested.

Marvel Select Red/Green Hulk
Marvel Legends Onslaught Abomination
DC Universe Gorilla Grodd BAF
Marvel Legends Sentinel BAF
Marvel Icons Green/Grey Hulk
Play Arts Final Fantasy figures
Art of War Zoddo figure (black eyes, no blood)
Gothitropolis Timekeepers
Harry Potter Aragog Spider
Hellboy 2 Angel of Death
Jurassic Park 3 Electronic Spinosaurus
FFX Heretic Bahamut
Neca Trick R Treat Sam 12”
Iguantus and Tuskadon: Spawn The Dark Ages Series 11
The Ogre: Spawn The Dark Ages Series 11
Neca Cenobite Lair
Toybiz Lord of the Rings TT Cave Troll
Toybiz Lord of the Rings Deluxe Battle Troll
Toybiz Lord of the Rings Armored Troll

Posted by Majinite
on Monday, May 11, 2009
User Comments
IXI Nick IXI -
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
how much for #16, Spawn in fishtank?
sweetburritos -
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
interested in ryu akuma hunk and six shooter

Heres my haves: ... itos/Toys/
sweetburritos -
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
interested in ryu akuma hunk and six shooter
HeartBreakKid -
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Multi Thread merge one thread only please
Aesthetikz -
Saturday, August 1, 2009
Check out my trades Majinite
Vash_15 -
Friday, July 31, 2009
Just because you don't have soemthing on someone's wants list doesn't mean they won't trade, this has been the case in most of the trades I've done with people
Aesthetikz -
Friday, July 31, 2009
Yay Creech, But I don't have anything on your wants.
Vash_15 -
Friday, July 31, 2009
That Symbiote is Hybrid from the Planet of the Symbiotes line back in 96, I spent 32 bucks on that guy, wish youd come around earlier. Money well spent. Oh and I PMd you
HeartBreakKid -
Friday, July 31, 2009
IXI Nick IXI -
Friday, July 31, 2009
still have the deadpool with the two swords and a dagger? have a pic of it?
PJ&AudsCustoms -
Thursday, May 28, 2009
pm'd you again majinite
Goldenwolf -
Thursday, May 28, 2009
Pmed U
pock63 -
Thursday, May 28, 2009
I'm very interested in those Batle Beastes but the only thing I have thats on youre list is one of the arms of Gorila Grod is there anything else you want?
PJ&AudsCustoms -
Monday, May 25, 2009
sent you a pm majinite
CaptainCadaver -
Monday, May 25, 2009
Esbat -
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
I think you need a min of 5 or 10 posts before you can post pictures, so just make some comments on people's customs or post around the site and then do pictures. Sounds like you got a beefy amount of figures and collectibles, so welcome to the site!

I'm personally interested in some of the RE figures.
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