Trade List Update. Painted Predator Skull added!
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Trade List Update. Painted Predator Skull added!

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Added Predator Skull to my trade list:

this guy is pro-painted and great condition. Bought this on Ebay about 5 years ago and haven't seen a painted one since. They have a lot of unpainted kits though, but not many painted ones.

*small fracture that was incurred during shipping. repaired with super bondit. barely noticeable when displayed*

Terminator 3 T-X Exoskeleton
Terminator 3 The End Battle Boxset
Terminator 3 T-850 (no sunglasses variant)
Art of War Zoddo figure (black eyes, no blood)
DC Universe Gorilla Grodd BAF
Gothitropolis Timekeepers
Harry Potter Aragog Spider
Hellboy 2 Angel of Death
FFX Heretic Bahamut
Iguantus and Tuskadon: Spawn The Dark Ages Series 14
The Ogre: Spawn The Dark Ages Series 11
Kaiyodo Daimajin
1999 Rocket Pro Daimajin
Gamera Daimajin figure by Omron
Kaiyodo Daimajin w/ Cruel Lord Chained
Kaiyodo Return of Daimajin figure
Kaiyodo Wrath of Daimajin figure
Romandoh Kinnikuman Great (Black)
Marvel Icons Green/Grey Hulk
Marvel Legends Onslaught Abomination
Marvel Legends Sentinel BAF
Marvel BAF Sentinel
Marvel BAF Fin Fang Foom
Marvel Diamond Select Red/Green Hulk
Movie Maniacs Tooth Fairy (close-mouth)
Neca Cenobite Lair
Neca Trick R Treat Sam 12”
Play Arts Final Fantasy figures
TMNT The Movie Sloth figure
Toybiz Lord of the Rings Armored Troll
Toybiz Lord of the Rings Deluxe Battle Troll
Toybiz Lord of the Rings TT Cave Troll
Trigun Monev the Gale (magenta)
Gears of War Locust (any)

Posted by Majinite
on Saturday, May 23, 2009
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