Seeking NECA Endo figure-stand + Arnie's new Rifle 2 Cast
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Seeking NECA Endo figure-stand + Arnie's new Rifle 2 Cast

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Hi everyone,

I'm either looking to trade/buy OR borrow/return (so I can cast them):

-NECA Terminator Endoskeleton's figure base-stand (grey dirt with various skulls)

-Rifle from the new NECA Terminator 2: Arnold figure (Pescadaro escape)

If anyone can help out with these, that would be fantastic. I have at least 5 different Terminator customs done or in the works - and most of them are Future-war related (hence the need for that skull-base).

I'll be looking into Deadman's castings - but I still like the NECA base stand for what it is. ^_^


Posted by blaynescott
on Friday, June 12, 2009
User Comments
dr.deadman -
Monday, June 15, 2009
first half of the arnie head is poured. along with the endo head and jaw. I will pour the other half tomarrow.
dr.deadman -
Saturday, June 13, 2009
I have that endo with the base. if you want to try and dupilcate the base, I will send to you. we need to get a trade going. I will try and get on the arnie head cast tomarrow.
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