Stick's Vintage 80s Toy Trading Post!
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Stick's Vintage 80s Toy Trading Post!

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Hello all,

I have done some trading on Figure Realm a LONG time ago (under the name GhostRiderRidesAgain), but have done some selling/trading on HISSTank, Allspark, YoJoe, and several others more recently. I thought I would give this site a try again since it deals in a myriad of action figures, and not just on a particular series. I am mainly looking for vintage GI Joe, Transformers, Voltron, Thundercats, etc, etc...anything from the 80s. I do not have a big wants list for this site, just direct me to your trade page if you find anything of interest that you would like to have. As for references, check the bottom of this post to see who I have traded with. Pictures are available upon request!


G1 Transformers

Astrotrain - complete with booklet
Top Spin - complete, mechanism works fine
Metroplex - has both fists, one gun. Has styro insert but styro is not in great shape.

Beast Wars

K-9 - complete
Silverbolt - MOC
Tarantulas - only missing one leg/missile


Crasher (black version)
Pyscho (deluxe, box only)
Screw Head
Spay-C (deluxe)

1982 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Grand Slam
Stalker (right thumb missing)

1983 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Doc - has flaregun
Duke - light paint wear
Major Bludd - has backpack

1984 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Copperhead - has filecard
Wild Weasel

1985 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Airtight - has gun, filecard
Alpine - has backpack, pickaxe
Eels - has flippers
Keel Haul (holding until further notice)
Snow Serpent - has filecard

1986 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Dial-Tone - has filecard
Dr Mindbender
Iceberg - has filecard
Low Light - has backpack and filecard
Motor Viper
Wet Suit - has backpack, both flippers, and some fin thingy

1987 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Big Boa - has file card
Blocker - has visor and filecard
Crazylegs - has gun, filecard
Croc Master
Falcon (x2)
Fast Draw
Gyro Viper - has helmet
Ice Viper - has helmet
Maverick - has filecard
Nemesis Enforcer
Outback (x2)
Psyche Out - has big radar machine with disc, backpack, pistol, and wrist attachment (no disc). Antenna on back of head present.
Royal Guard
Worms (x2)

1988 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Blizzard - has backpack, both shoe spikes, small white gun, and filecard
Budo - has sai
Charbroil - has backpack and flamethrower
Ferret (Demon Driver)
Flint (Tiger Force) - has filecard
Hit and Run - has duffel bag, rifle
Iron Grenadier
Lightfoot - 100% complete with filecard
Sgt Slaughter
Shockwave - has pistol, filecard
Spearhead - has helmet, backpack, filecard
Spearhead - has helmet
Star Viper
Windmill - has pistol

1989 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Alley Viper
Annihilator - has gun
Frag Viper - has backpack, two grenades, grenade thrower, and gun
Gnawgahyde - has warthog mascot
Gnawgahyde - has everything but dagger
Night Viper - has visor, strap-on rifle, backpack
Python Copperhead
Python Crimson Guard - 100% complete
Python Viper
Rock N Roll - has backpack
Spirit (Slaughter's Marauders) - has gun, belt
Targat - has backpack, gold gun

1990 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Bullhorn - has rifle
General Hawk - has helmet
General Hawk - has helmet, no visor
Heavy Duty
Rock Viper

1991 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Cobra B.A.T. - has hand, laser attachment, and launcher
Snow Serpent v2 - has large gun, backpack, and snowboard

1992 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Barricade - has helmet
Destro - has disk launcher, gun

1993 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Colonel Courage

2003 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Stalker (Tiger Force, TRU exclusive)

2005 GI Joe/Cobra Figures

Bombstrike - 100% complete

1982 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Breaker - backpack
Grunt - rifle (x2)
Scarlett - crossbow
Zap - bazooka (x2)

1983 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Airborne - bayonet rifle
Snow Job - rifle
Torpedo - flipper

1984 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Baroness - backpack
Mutt - facemask/muzzle
Ripcord - parachute pack - ON HOLD
Scrap Iron - missile (x2)

1985 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Airtight - gun
Dusty - backpack
Dusty - gun
Footloose - backpack - ON HOLD
Footloose - rifle
Lady Jaye - backpack
Wet-Suit - backpack (x2)

1986 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Beach-Head - backpack
Lifeline - backpack (x3)
Low Light - backpack
Sci-Fi - rifle
Zandar - rifle
Zandar - backpack
Zarana - backpack (x2)

1987 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Cobra Commander - backpack
Fast Draw - missile
Law & Order - helmet
Law & Order - dog pet
Law & Order - leash
Psyche-Out - backpack (x2)
Sea Slug - pistol
Techno Viper - gun
Techno Viper - backpack
Techno Viper - claw attachment
Techno Viper - wrench attachment
Techno Viper - axe attachment
Tunnel Rat - backpack (x2)

1988 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Astro Viper - backpack (5 pieces, complete)
Charbroil - backpack (x2)
Charbroil - backpack (no sticker)
Repeater - backpack - ON HOLD
Roadblock (Tiger Force) - machine gun
Roadblock (Tiger Force) - machine gun tripod
Roadblock (Tiger Force) - backpack (has compartment)
Storm Shadow - backpack
Toxo-Viper - helmet
Tripwire (Tiger Force) - backpack
Tripwire (Tiger Force) - mine (x3)

1989 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Barbecue (Slaughter's Marauders) - backpack (both pieces)
Charbroil - flamethrower
Countdown - backpack
Countdown - pistol
Countdown - small rocket
Deep Six - gun
Downtown - mortar weapon (3 pieces, complete)
Downtown - helmet
Downtown - backpack
Downtown - mortar shell (x4)
Downtown - pistol
Gnawgahyde - bow
Gnawgahyde - bipod
Gnawgahyde - warthog pet
Night Viper - backpack
Rock N Roll - backpack
Scoop - helmet
Scoop - camera gun
Scoop - backpack
Wild Boar - helmet
Windchill - ski

1990 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Airborne - parachute pack

1991 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

RoboJOE - large gun
RoboJOE - shotgun
Snow Serpent - backpack
Snow Serpent - snowboard

1992 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Barricade - helmet

1993 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Bazooka - launcher
Bazooka - missile
Bazooka - medium sized gun
Countdown - helmet
Countdown - launcher
Heat Viper - large gun with scope
Snowstorm - large rifle with scope

1994 GI Joe/Cobra Accessories

Action Pilot - parachute pack
Ice Cream Soldier - flamethrower


Cobra BATS (v1)
Cobra Commander (v1)
Cobra Commander (v3) (x3)
Dee-Jay (full card)
Fast Draw (x2)
Gnawgahyde (full card)
Mutt (Slaughter's Marauders) (full card)
Quick Kick
Recondo (Tiger Force)
Sea Slug
Snake Eyes (v2)
Sneak Peek
Snow Job
Stalker (v1) (badly cut)
Steeler (bad condition)
Tomax and Xamot

1982 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Flak - circular base
Flak - support leg (x2)
Ram - sidecar cannon
Vamp - gas can

1983 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Dragonfly - left engine cover
Dragonfly - right engine cover
Dragonfly - side machine gun
Pac/Rat - laser barrel
Pac/Rat - red connector
Polar Battle Bear - engine cover
Polar Battle Bear - top half of front (with handlebars)
Skystriker - left tailfin - ON HOLD
Skystriker - right tailfin - ON HOLD
Skystriker - exhaust - ON HOLD
Skystriker - small engine cover (left side) - ON HOLD
Skystriker - long thin missile (x2) - ON HOLD
Skystriker - seat (no parachutes) (x2) - ON HOLD
Twin Battle Gun - tire (with hinged axle) (x2)
Twin Battle Gun - seat
Wolverine - missile (x4)

1984 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Cobra Rattler - small fat bomb (x7)
Cobra Rattler - long thin missile (x3)
Cobra Rattler - missile rack (x2)
Cobra Rattler - long thick missile
ALL Killer Whale parts are on hold!
Killer Whale - fan vertical fins (x4)
Killer Whale - fan blades
Killer Whale - fan mechanism (x2)
Killer Whale - sled
Killer Whale - sled windshield
Killer Whale - bottom compartment door
Killer Whale - left engine cover
Killer Whale - right engine cover
Killer Whale - cannon (x2)
Killer Whale - cannon tip
Killer Whale - missile compartment
Killer Whale - fan horizontal fin
Killer Whale - vertical fin holders (x2)
Killer Whale - bottom wheel (x4)
Killer Whale - depth charge (x2)
Killer Whale - side cockpit windows (x2)
Killer Whale - depth charge door
Killer Whale - missile compartment peg (intact)
Killer Whale - turret ring (x2)
Killer Whale - turret cannon
Killer Whale - main cockpit windshield - middle tab broken
Machine Gun Defense Unit - sign (X2)
Machine Gun Defense Unit - rail barricade (x6)
Machine Gun Defense Unit - single rail barricade (x4)
Machine Gun Defense Unit - machine gun with stand
Missile Defense Unit - sign (no sticker)
Missile Defense Unit - brick wall (both parts)
Missile Defense Unit - crate (no lid) - ON HOLD
Missile Defense Unit - small missile (x2)

1985 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Ammo Dump Unit - ammo crate - ON HOLD
Ammo Dump Unit - missile (x5)
Ammo Dump Unit - gas can
Bomb Disposal Unit - large bomb
Bomb Disposal Unit - flash shield
Bomb Disposal Unit - large gray shield
Cobra Ferret - small missile
Cobra Moray - engine cover - ON HOLD
Cobra Moray - left cockpit door - ON HOLD
Cobra Moray - right cockpit door - ON HOLD
Trubble Bubble - canopy bubble
Weapons Transport Unit - large bomb
Weapons Transport Unit - vehicle

1986 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Conquest X-30 - missile
Conquest X-30 - underside fins
Devilfish - orange missile (x3)
Devilfish - small gray missile (x4)
Devilfish - boat engine (x2)
Devilfish - boat engine hinge
Devilfish - engine cover (x2)
Havoc - missile (x4)
Serpentor's Air Chariot - handlebars
Serpentor's Air Chariot - fan knob (x2)
Tomahawk - seat
Tomahawk - left engine cover
Tomahawk - right engine cover

1987 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Cobra Buzz Boar - twin cannon
Cobra Buzz Boar - missile (x2)
Cobra Mamba - side pod
Cobra Mamba - pod missile (x2)
Cobra Mamba - long thin missile (x3)
Cobra Mamba - fat missile
Cobra Sea Ray - engine cover
Cobra Sea Ray - left side cannon
Cobra Sea Ray - right side cannon
Cobra Sea Ray - missile (x6)
Cobra Sea Ray - tail fin (x2)
Cobra Wolf - twin cannons
Mobile Command Center - outer elevator
Mobile Command Center - gas nozzle (x2)
Mobile Command Center - sickbay beds (x2)
Mobile Command Center - chair
Mobile Command Center - main cockpit hatch

1988 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Cobra BUGG - hydrosled (both pieces) (x2)
Cobra BUGG - hydrosled missile (x4)
Cobra BUGG - front hatch door
Cobra BUGG - right side hatch door
Cobra BUGG - left side hatch door
Skystorm - missile
Tiger Rat - engine panel (undamaged version)
Tiger Rat - propeller engine cover (some fading)

1989 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Armadillo - missile (x3)
Darklon Evader - missile
Destro's Razorback - antenna
Destro's Razorback - missile rack (x2)
Destro's Razorback - missile

1990 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Battle Bunker - missile (x2)
Cobra Hammerhead - thin missile (x3)
Locust - missile

1993 GI Joe/Cobra Vehicle Parts

Cobra Invader - pipe
Cobra Invader - main body with windshields
Shark 9000 - scoop launcher

GI Joe/Cobra Body Chop Shop


Spirit - both arms
Spirit - both legs
Spirit - head


Barbecue - both legs
Barbecue - crotch
Quick Kick - both legs
Quick Kick - torso
Quick Kick - head


Leatherneck - head
Leatherneck - both legs
Leatherneck - torso
Sci-Fi - torso
Serpentor - torso
Serpentor - both arms
Serpentor - right leg
Wet-Suit - head
Wet-Suit - torso
Wet-Suit - both legs
Wet-Suit - both arms


Mercer - head
Mercer - torso
Mercer - crotch
Mercer - both legs
Psyche-Out - both legs
Psyche-Out - torso
Psyche-Out - crotch


Alley Viper - torso
Alley Viper - both arms
Alley Viper - right leg
Night Viper - both arms
Night Viper - crotch
Night Viper - left leg
Python Officer - both arms
Python Officer - torso
Stalker - crotch
Stalker - both legs
Stalker - head


Red Star - both legs
Red Star - torso
Red Star - right arm


Barricade - head
Barricade - both legs
Barricade - torso
Barricade - both arms
Flak Viper - both legs

Misc. GI Joe Stuff

1993 GI Joe Battle Corps plate/bowl/tumbler set. Unused, still in the box.

Marvel Action Figures

Marvel Legends X-23 (loose, purple version)
X2 - Nightcrawler (figure only)
1st Appearances - Wild Thing (figure only)
Marvel Secret Wars - Dr. Octopus (arms intact, has shield with one cardboard insert)
Marvel Secret Wars - Falcon (figure only, some wear)
Silver Age Gwen Stacy MOC
Marvel Legends Apocalypse Series Unmasked Wolverine variant MOC
FAO Schwarz Phoenix Saga set - no box, but all 4 figures still sealed on bubbled card. Wolverine in Space Suit, Dark Phoenix, Corsair, Ch'od

Misc. Figures

Voltron - Matchbox Yellow Lion - in excellent condition, unplayed condition!

Stick's Want List
Keep in mind that I can look at lists! This is just a small list of what I need.

Gobots - Deluxe Psycho - must be in nice condition with intact roof.
GI Joe - Real American Hero - 1982-1994 figures and vehicles only. I am NOT interested in VvsV, or ROC!
Marvel Legends - I want the Nemesis BAF!
Transformers - I'm looking for a LOT of them! Show me what you got!
Voltron - Matchbox Black Lion


Trades/Deals/Purchases - Completed/Pending
optimistprime (Allspark)
fortress_prime77 (Allspark)
Self-destruct (Allspark)
Hoolagrin (TFW2005) (two deals completed)
Database (Allspark)
Uncrazimatic (TFW2005)
tamo536 (TFW2005) (three deals completed)
markiemarky (Figure Realm)
BrokenSVT (TFW2005)
Synthetic Breed (TFW2005)
Swampflight (TFW2005)
Studmuffin (Figure Realm)
nic28 (TFW2005)
windblock2002 (Figure Realm)
MacabreMouse (TFW2005) (three deals completed)
Blaster_Prime (TFW2005)
Ecmagee1984 (TFW2005)
Deceptigtar (TFW2005)
Soundblaster1 (TFW2005)
Hypocrite (TFans)
Hallucination (TFW2005)
tarz_an2003 (YoJoe) (one completed, one pending)
Flash (YoJoe)
just_joes_by_mike (YoJoe)
Cobra Toys (YoJoe)
Recondo76 (YoJoe)
Hector The Collector (YoJoe) (two deals completed)
carnage717 (YoJoe)
Cobra619 (HISSTank)
The Sicilian (YoJoe) (pending)

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on Friday, August 14, 2009
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