TRADE/WANT - JLU, X-Men, LOTR, Narnia, Harry Potter & mo
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TRADE/WANT - JLU, X-Men, LOTR, Narnia, Harry Potter & mo

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Looking to trade for the following figures from various lines (either MOC or loose complete).

My full trade list can be found at


Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
Looking for any series 2 action figures (will buy or trade for these)

Justice League Unlimited
Metallo 3-pack
Captain Cold/Boomerang 3-pack
Cyborg/Plastic Man 3-pack
Sinestro V2 single yellow & black costume
Amazo V1
Joker V1 (from 2 pack)
Joker V2
Joker V3 (from Toys r Us Gotham City 4 pack)
Vixen V2 single defined colors with claws
Doctor Fate V2 single corrected colors
Red Tornado V1 solid logo
Zatanna V3 color corrected stockings
Bizzaro V4 color corrected eyes with girder
Doomsday (red), Amazo (green), Bizzaro - from Target 6-pack

Also interested in certain other variations of the original 7 so LMK what you have

Terminator Salvation
Moto Terminator
Cyberskin Generator Pplayset

Wolverine and The X-Men
Logan Grey Shirt
Wolverine Black Costume

X-Men Origins Wolverine
Interested in any of the figures except the 4 deluxe figure sets.

I am also looking for any Harry Potter (PopCo) 3 3/4" action figures that were a UK only release (will also buy these), any Pirates of the Caribbean 3 3/4" figures, The Golden Compass 2 polar bear figures, Teen Titans Go 3 3/4" figures, Star Wars Clone Wars figures Vikings (Chap Mei) and certain Lord of the Rings (Toybiz) action figures so LMK what you have.


Star Wars Legacy Evolitions - The Sith Legacy 3-pack MIB
Transformers Animated Prowl MOC
Chronicles Narnia Prince Caspian Catpult MIB
Chronicles Narnia Prince Caspian Glenstorm/Peepiceek MOC
Chronicles of Narnia Susan & Reepicheep MOC
X-Men Origins Deadpool Missile Canon Deluxe Set MOC
X-Men Origins Blob & Sabertooth Deluxe Set MOC

Lord of the Rings all loose
ROTK Battle of Shelob's Lair Set complete
ROTK Eomer in Ceremonial Armour missing sword
TTT Legolas in Rohan Armour missing 1 sword
TTT Gamling complete
TTT Gimli with Axe Throwing Action missing cloak, helmet
TTT Rohirrim Soldier with spear attack action complete
FOTR Aragorn Arrow Launching Action missing knapsack, bed roll, bow, quiver, sword
FOTR Frodo with Sword Attack Action missing sword
FOTR Gandalf with light up staff missing hat

Attack from Apokolips 6-pack
Lightray, Amazo & Nemesis 3-pack
Wonder Woman (w. cape and aquatic mask) single
Batman (with power wings) single
Lex Luthor (light green version) single
The Flash (with lightening bolt accessory) single
The Shade single
Zatanna single

Loose Figures:
Batman 2 V7
Martion Manhunter 2 V2
Wonder Woman V1
Wonder Woman 2 V6
Superman V1
Flash 2 V3
Justice Lords Flash
Hawkgirl V4
Wave Rider
Green Arrow
Aquaman w. cape
Shining Knight
Rocket Red
Sinestro V1

Posted by 10incher
on Sunday, December 13, 2009
User Comments
10incher -
Monday, January 11, 2010
List has been updated with a bunch of new stuff to trade
10incher -
Monday, January 4, 2010
Sent ya a PM, LMK
LunaLovegoodFan -
Thursday, December 31, 2009
I have a bunch of the Narnia figures and a Harry from the Harry Potter Popco figures.
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