How to: Purchase "First Class" Postage Online
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How to: Purchase "First Class" Postage Online

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If you have traded with me, I have most likely asked you this question:
"Can you please send 1 Penny to My Paypal?, I will refund it~It just allows me to Purchase and Print Out Postage Online"

Some of you have obliged, Some of you have not for your own personal reasons.

It's actually not really much of a problem for me either way, However, It makes things much easier for me + Allows me to get your shipment out A lot faster in most cases.

I just thought if I explained what I'm doing when I ask this, It might clear up any confusion~As now that I look that question over, I see how it could be taken as a bit shady.

So! Here we go:
I Purchase then Print Out Postage VIA USPS.COM Whenever I can, Then Schedule a Carrier Pickup for my Packages/Trades.
USPS.COM (United States Postal Service) Allows you to log into there Website, And Purchase (Almost) Any of the offered Shipping Services that your would be able to get at your local Post Office, Online.
After you have purchased your Postage, You then Print it out.
Then you just affix the printed out postage to your package/parcel, And either drop it off at any USPS authorized location-OR-log back into your USPS.COM account, And schedule a Pickup from your doorstep (from your daily mail person).

That's the basic shipping and carrier pickup procedure VIA USPS.COM.
This does not require Paypal however.
UNLESS~You would like to send VIA one of these options: FIRST CLASS, PARCEL POST, MEDIA MAIL.

But, Never Fear!
There is a Loophole.
EBAY *snake hiss* has a joint venture with Paypal AND USPS (And UPS).
Ebay wanted to allow its users to purchase and print out postage via first class and the other options that usps was not before offering (And still does not officially offer on there USPS.COM website to the casual user), USPS obliged and Paypal provided the "Missing Link" that would allow you to do so.

In short (I know, Long probably confusing read, Sorry).
If someone sends you ANY amount of money through Paypal~You will then be allowed the option in the PayPal menu (next to the transaction) to "Print Shipping Label" and instead of directing you to the USPS.COM website that DOES NOT allow all shipping services be purchased online, It keeps you logged into paypal while also logging you into the USPS systems and allowing you to purchase and print out ANY shipping (HOORAY FIRST CLASS!) All through Paypal.

The only problem with this is that your paypal account MUST BE attached to you address, As the postage destination prints out to this.
For example: So if you sent me a penny from your buddies Paypal (And its under his address) the postage destination would be under his address.

Hope this makes any bit of sense, Ill try and clean it up later, If you have any questions or need me to clarify anything just ask!

Posted by Aesthetikz
on Tuesday, February 9, 2010
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superflash -
Saturday, May 7, 2011
By searching online I finally found this link that allows one to print labels via PayPal for NON-eBay items. You still get the same discount and discounted tracking. Wish I had found it many moons ago. So you can do FIRST CLASS, PARCEL POST & MEDIA MAIL besides the usual Priority. Obviously PayPal does not publicize this feature despite offering it.

Oops...I see I am not allowed to put links. If you want it, just PM me. This is a legit thing or I can search for the blog again where I found it and point you there, too. I am haze54 on eBay if you want to message me through there to make sure it's on the up-and-up. It sure comes in handy to send loose figures, etc. and add tracking for 19 cents. You can also make labels smaller when necessary if you alter the settings before you print (you don't want to make tiny ones). I kind of have my most common ones memorized now and did a few 'draft' setting test-prints to check how they looked/fit.
Dagger -
Saturday, April 2, 2011
Is this typically cheaper than the postage that you would get at the PO?
CaptainCadaver -
Friday, March 25, 2011
Thanks for posting this!
I had no clue.

I hate...HATE going to the post office.
Aesthetikz -
Friday, March 25, 2011
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