my want list
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my want list

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hello everyone! I'm new to customizing so I'm just starting off and I'm looking to get some bases for my customs. so all the figures I'm looking for can be loose not too worried about weapons so if you just have a loose figure that would be great! I pay via paypal and I have a 100% buyer record on ebay and had traded an item on the cobraisland msg boards if one needs buyer references. thanks everyone for looking and hopefully we can reach a deal at some point.

my wants----------

HML Nick Fury
HML Maria Hill
HML Sharon Carter
HML Elektra (head only the one w/o the bandanna)
HML Wolverine from the Red Hulk series
HML White Queen
HML Sue Storm
HML Dr. Doom
ML X-23
ML Spider woman
ML psylocke

ANY ML iron man
any masked ML Wolverine

Haves ----

I really don't have much extra figures to be trading with but I have a few GIJoe ROC figures and Vehicles I would list but don't think anyone here would want them, and I have some comics as well but I will buy anything on my list people would want to get rid of.

Posted by SHIELDagent2814
on Friday, February 12, 2010
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SHIELDagent2814 -
Friday, February 12, 2010
my roc vehicles that I have are

the cobra gunship lose and complete with firefly displayed only
armored panther lose and complete with sgt. thunderblast displayed only
rockslide atav with snowjob from the past and present 2 pack lose and complete displayed only

I'm checking out your trades now I'll pm you if I see something
HeartBreakKid -
Friday, February 12, 2010
What ROC vehicles and figures do you have??? can you check my list (linked in the lower part of my sig) to see if there is anything your interested in
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