Have/Want List: HUGE ++ UPDATE! LOTS ADDED! Gundam!Sept.5th!
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Have/Want List: HUGE ++ UPDATE! LOTS ADDED! Gundam!Sept.5th!

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Priority wants!

Sota Ibuki
Sota Gen
darth maul figures in the star wars scale from the torso up.
Neca Guile Head and hands
Neca Akuma head
Abe Sapian : hellboy movie figure(s)
Toynami naruto toys

secondary wants:
XMC stealth Wolvi
ninja strike wolvi head and figure and accessories
HOM Wolverian hand, feet, weapons and sheaths with weapons( individually or altogether)
Savage dragon or just upper body. And in the least the head.
Modern iron man ( or just right arm and head)
Mcfarlane Metal gear solid cyber ninja ( or just Alt heads sword and Alt gun arm.)
G.I. Joe 30th anniversary pursuit of cobra vamp mk II OR. Just the Gatling gun attachment.

Sigma Six Lt. Stone ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Dark ninja Master ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Fire Fly [Cobra Version] (all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Heavy Duty ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Adventure Team Snake eye: pyramid of Paril ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Snake eyes Paratrooper ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Flint ( all accessories preferable)
sigma Six winter snake eyes with timebr ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Long range ( all accessories preferable)

Regular wants
DotM: optimus prime voyager class
DotM: megatron voyager class
DotM:shockwave voyager class
DotM: skyhammer

ANY Sigma 6 figs and weapons
Sigma Six Commando ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Desert Wolf ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Gung-ho ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Hi-tech ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Hi tech Weapons expert ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Leather Neck ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Lock Down ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Ninja Flame Kamakura ( all accessories preferable)
sigma Six Recondo ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Red ninja ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Torpedo ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Lt. boulder ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Tunnel Rat ( all accessories preferable)
Sigma Six Camo Long Range ( all accessories preferable)
sigma Strike Duke ( all accessories preferable)

any iron man parts
especially HOM iron man parts.
Also moon knight bodies

Toybiz PITT

Legendary comic book heros: Savage Dragon

Gambit ML series 4

ML Cable series 6 or face off pack.

ML Bishop

ML Face off ironman/manderian
MLface off Wolvi/sabertooth
ML face off Punisher/jigsaw
ML face off cap/redskull
ML face off War Machine/Mandarin

ML series 5 sabertooth

ML cap America series 8 (ult cap)

hulk buster iron man

doc oc figs

ML War Machine
ML Ult Iron Man
ML Ult War Machine

Spiderman Series 16 Venom

ML union Jack

ML two pack Wolvi/forge

ML deadpool/warpath ( both color sets)

ML thomas jane punisher

Ghost rider figs. (either ML or Ghost rider movie I.E. Scarecrow, Nick cage) and the bikes

Ult wolverine (blob series)

Ml series 5 colossus

ML series 6 wolverine

X3 Juggernaut (blob series)

ML series 6 Juggernaut

ML series 6 cable

ML hood

ML nuke

Mecha hulk

Gears of WAR COG body parts and weapons.

Any ML doom figures


Below is a link to my photo using key page to see the expanded view
Since no matter how much resize crop ect something Is being cut out of these posts
So until I can fix it please go here for full pics:NOTE! The monav the gails ARE GONE! hence why they
Are no longer up here.

As far as prices, I don't have any yet. I would prefer trades, but just ask. I put these up cause some super polite folks have been waiting for them!? till then!

gundams All of these are unopened, please contact for prices. (this listing of gundams is the only thing I would prefer money for)

gundams All were opened and resealed but the ZZ unicorn and the titan

gundams all were opened and re packaged

gundam all were opened and re packaged

This is a retrocast venom


Star wars bad guys

NOTE: Any Darth Maul stuff is tentatively on hold.

Star wars good guys

ECW Figs

Kiss Toy

Man Spider NOTE: I am thinking of keeping the base. it is un opened as of now. and I have not removed it yet. may not for the right trade)

Batman of history line

Zorro batman , Night Wing

Azriel, and some wired future bat man?

American Civil War Bat man

Some Robin NOT form the Bat men of history line


Lego Darth maul and his ship from THE PHANTOM MENACE
I AM pretty sure its ALL here if someone REALLY wants me to check I might be willing to re build it as its not completely apart

FULL cans of Air brush propellent. also that toy gun is the robo cop gun...I got it like a million years ago...it makes an annoying tin sound.

Please note: the transparent master chief is a high ticket item. It was a give away item in
Some odd customer appreciation thing. It came in a cardboard box , with nothin but what is pictured.
The legs are from a trade wig a realm member but, I didn't realize they the upper part of the leg ( not the ball
Joint , but the thigh is glued in place. Also they are both right legs. Didn't realize that even thought after the fact I
Re-read the email and it was stated. I was just excited about the stuff in was getting.

japanes mecha cop figs

icons size boat and venom base ( pending)

Movie maniacs and zero

star wars figs

more star wars figs

star wars weapons

doku and 300th fett!

1990's snowspeeder still works!

star wars jango assortment

Avp 1990's ,clown queen alien

perfect fix

full armor fix

Fazz Fix

Posted by Automatauntaun
on Tuesday, February 16, 2010
User Comments
JJitty1 -
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Hey I have a bunchuof those sigma 6 figures. Check out the pics and tell me what you want I can't remember the names. I would be interested in civil war batman, knightwing and the weird batman aka as knightsend batman.
kngfu -
Saturday, April 14, 2012
PM sent about 2 of your wants
Automatauntaun -
Thursday, July 21, 2011
Sorry guys! I mainly troll the showcase and new wips area. Every now and then
I get back to things :] yes you are right in all respects about the cyber cops...
They have all their weapons as well. I think the only thing I didn't picture is the black and whight ones back pack
Rockets blade laser thingy? Hit menwhen you get that list up dood!
friednoodles -
Tuesday, July 19, 2011
They were called Cyber Cops in Japan. They're called Zap Power Force here in the US I believe. Kinda like a Power Ranger type show. Saw countpichula's list and it brought back hardcore nostalgia for me haha. Gonna need to take picture of my stuff before I can put my list up =P
50percentJoe -
Monday, July 18, 2011
Those police robot guys, were they just called Cyber Cops? I had one as a little kid and I lost all the parts and etc... ended up losing it on a camping trip. In retrospect I wish I'd been more responsible. Agh! I have to know for sure, if so I've been searching for the black one for a looooooooong time.
Automatauntaun -
Saturday, July 16, 2011
when your trade list is up post here and I will look at what you've got!
Automatauntaun -
Saturday, July 16, 2011
Shapp note X'ed out the items in question.
friednoodles -
Friday, July 15, 2011
Hi, I'm still new here, but how much would those cybercop figures cost? I'm going to put up my have list
shapp -
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
What would you be lookin for those gundam figures? as in trades or monies?
PJcustoms -
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
ok thanks anyway .
Automatauntaun -
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Sadly no. I just have the nick fury. Sympathies buddy! I know how ya feel!
PJcustoms -
Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Hey man , I've got quite a few figs there : ult wolverine , bishop , ult warmachine , ml hulkpustwr iron man ( no helmet ) And I was wondering if you had any shield agents ? I really need some
barefootabe -
Monday, January 24, 2011
hhow much did you have in mind for the 12" dooku? and I don't sopose youd have any clone troopers?
Automatauntaun -
Monday, January 24, 2011
bump, major update. long over due.
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