10inchers FT - JLU, X-Men, Wolverine, Avatar, LOTR & Narnia
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10inchers FT - JLU, X-Men, Wolverine, Avatar, LOTR & Narnia

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Looking to trade, here are my Haves & Wants. Also check out my vintage & 1990s figure want list at http://www.action-figures.ca/wanted_1990s.htm. Would also consider selling some of my haves as well:


Avatar Leonopteryx MIB
Avatar RDA Grinder MIB
Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka
Chronicles Narnia Prince Caspian Catpult MIB
Chronicles Narnia Prince Caspian Glenstorm/Peepiceek
Chronicles of Narnia Susan & Reepicheep
X-Men Origins Deadpool Missile Canon Deluxe Set
X-Men Origins Sabretooth & Blob Deluxe Set
X-Men Origins Weapon X with Stasis Chamber Deluxe Set
X-Men Origins Deadpool (comics version)
X-Men Origins Deadpool (movie version)
X-Men Origins Sabretooth (movie version)
X-Men Origins Cyclops
X-Men Origins Iceman
X-Men Origins Wolverine (comics version)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (comics version unmasked)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (comics version brown costume)
X-Men Origins Wolverine (movie version)
X-Men Origins Logan (movie version)
X-Men Origins Logan (white shirt)
Wolverine & The X-Men Forge
Wolverine & The X-Men Wolverine (black X-Force version)
Wolverine & The X-Men Logan (grey shirt)
Wolverine & The X-Men Wolverine
Wolverine & The X-Men Beast
Woverine & The X-Men Collossus
Wolverine & The X-Men Nightcrawler
Wolverine & The X-Men Avalanche
Wolverine & The X-Men Toad

Wonder Woman (w. cape and aquatic mask) single
Batman (with power wings) single
Lex Luthor (light green version) single
The Flash (with lightening bolt accessory) single
The Shade single
Zatanna single

Loose Figures:
Big Barda
Silver Banshee
Wave Rider
Green Arrow
Aquaman w. cape
Shining Knight
Rocket Red
Sinestro V1
Batman 2 V7
Martion Manhunter 2 V2
Wonder Woman V1
Wonder Woman 2 V6
Superman V1
Flash 2 V3
Justice Lords Flash
Hawkgirl V4

Lord of the Rings all loose
ROTK Battle of Shelob's Lair Set complete
ROTK Eomer in Ceremonial Armour missing sword
TTT Legolas in Rohan Armour missing 1 sword
TTT Gamling complete
TTT Gimli with Axe Throwing Action missing cloak, helmet
TTT Rohirrim Soldier with spear attack action complete
FOTR Aragorn Arrow Launching Action missing knapsack, bed roll, bow, quiver, sword
FOTR Frodo with Sword Attack Action missing sword
FOTR Gandalf with light up staff missing hat


Eytukan with Bio Lime
Tsu’Tey with War Paint
Neytiri with Bio Lime
Avatar Jake Warrior
Avatar Jake with Bio Lime
Avatar Norm with Bio Lime
Jake Scully Earth
Private Fike with Bio Mask
Parker Selfridge

Direhorse with Bio Lime
Tsu-Tey's Banshee

Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
Looking for any series 2 action figures

Justice League Unlimited
Brainiac (repaint)
Atom (Ryan Choi repaint)
Martian Manhunter (show accurate repaint)
Plastic Man (with board accessory)
Classic Aquaman *PENDING
Detective Batman (show accurate repaint)
Green Arrow (show accurate repaint)

Amazo V1
Joker V1 (from 2 pack)
Joker V2
Joker V3 (from Toys r Us Gotham City 4 pack)
Vixen V2 single defined colors with claws
Bizzaro V4 color corrected eyes with girder
Doomsday (red), Amazo (green), Bizzaro - from Target 6-pack

Also interested in certain other variations of the original 7 so LMK what you have

Star Wars Clone Wars
2008 Figures:
No. 11: Clone Pilot Odd Ball
No. 12: Super Battle Droid
No. 14: Plo Koon
No. 15: Asajj Ventress
No. 16: C-3PO
No. 19: Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion)
No. 20: Padmé Amidala
No. 22: Magnaguard
No. 23: R3-S6 ("Goldie"
No. 24: Jar Jar Binks (Bombad Jedi)

2009 Figures:
CW03: Rocket Battle Droid
CW04: Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)
CW06: Mace Windu
CW09: Commander Gree
CW39: Commander Bly

Also interested in any vehicles or figure sets

Terminator Salvation
Moto Terminator
Cyberskin Generator Playset

X-Men Origins Wolverine
Wolverine (new movie head sculpt from final series)
Wolverine & Colossus
Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth TrU Exclusive
Logan Premium Series Walmart Exclusive
Victor Creed Premium Series Walmart Exclusive
X Chariot Vehicle

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Popco UK only release
Harry Potter V1
Ron Weasley
Rubeus Hagrid
Deatheater V2
Lord Voldemort
Delores Umbridge
Harry Potter Deluxe Set
5 Figure Set w. Bellatrix Lestrange
The Great Hall Playset with Professor McGonagel

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Popco UK only release
Hermoine Granger
Ginny Weasley
Luna Lovegood
Ron & Harry Quidditch Team 2-pack
Gryffindor Comman Room w. Harry Potter

I am also looking for any Pirates of the Caribbean 3 3/4" figures, The Golden Compass 2 polar bear figures, Teen Titans Go 3 3/4" figures, Vikings (Chap Mei) and certain Lord of the Rings (Toybiz) action figures so LMK what you have.

Posted by 10incher
on Friday, March 26, 2010
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AC_in_SD -
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Hi there,

I've been a bit of a lurker here for a while, mainly interested in checking out the showcase and admiring people's works. Anyway, I've been searching for months for an X-men Origins Logan (the lumberjack version), but I don't have much to trade. Would you be willing to sell instead of trade? If I'm going to pay, I'd rather pay a customizer than a scalper. Thanks!
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