WANTED: Marvel Legends Tigra to the UK
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WANTED: Marvel Legends Tigra to the UK

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Hey all

I'm looking to buy or trade for a Marvel Legends Tigra for a FA Storm custom I'm planning. Ideally I'd like the Nemesis part as well (I may decide to try and build him at some point), but it doesn't need to be in its packaging.

I'm in dear old London in Blighty (UK). She is up on ebay but nothing at all here in the UK and with the high postage charges ebay people now add on, the cheapest one I've found works out at £26 from the USA, that's about $38!


Posted by Baiji
on Wednesday, May 26, 2010
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scarlet_magpie -
Monday, June 14, 2010
Than god for someone talking sense with posting!!

I live in the UK and it only costs this dude I know £4.00 (6 dollars) to send me 2-3 loose figs from Hong Kong, but I have been charged 25 dollars from the States!!
Baiji -
Friday, June 11, 2010
Thanks for replying Halofan, but I definitely don't need one mint carded, I'm converting it into a FA Storm anyway.

However you're wrong on the postage, for some reason US citizens seem to think it costs way more than it actually does to post abroad. I know this because not only did I live there for many years and posted stuff back to the UK a lot, I've also just bought a Tigra and Holocaust (Nemesis) on ebay and it only cost them together $10.76 from Honalulu.

Sadly it was what I was trying to avoid by coming on here first though, as the seller actually charged me $25, but the post price on the box is only $10.76 and that got here within 5 days.

Its also the same from here to the USA, so don't let any sneaky British bods try and trick you over postal costs from us either. A similar sized figure in a small box shouldn't cost more than $15 from the UK to the US.
halofan086 -
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I have 1 mint carded. But it will cost WAY MORE than $38. UK postage is very high. $55 looks like around what you will be paying if you want figure.
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