ARAHfan32's B/S/T list. A bit of everything 80s-present.
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ARAHfan32's B/S/T list. A bit of everything 80s-present.

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Hello all. First let me introduce myself, as I'm new to these boards. My name is Dennis, and a buddy of mine at work got me back into collecting sometime last year. I started with GI Joe, and have since branched into a bit of everything, but I have a few lines that I care to collect over all others. Like everything else that I collect, I went a little overboard when I first got involved collecting, I spent too much, made some bad buys, but more importantly I learned a bit. I was buying everything I came across, and as some of you I'm sure already know, you eventually run out of room to store it. That is about where I am now. I am attempting to get rid of some of my "overstock" I guess you would call it. I am not a store, grader, expert or anything of the like. I simply enjoy collecting the toys I had as a child, and I am looking to get rid of some of the ones that hold less meaning to me. As you can probably imagine, I don't have any feedback on these boards. I am a member of yojoe and have some positive feedback in their forums if you care to look. ( I am ARAHfan32 there as well). I also have an ebay account (dcjr31-2009) for those that care to check my feedback there as well. I have no negative feedback, and I'm sure that after a few trades you will come to realize that I'm not here to rip you off, I'm not trying to get rich, and I'm going to do what I can to make sure that any deals we make go smoothly for both of us. I'm pretty easy-going and a straight shooter. Well, now that you have a bit of background on me, lets talk figures.

I currently have for sale/trade several figures spanning from the early 80's to the mid 90's. All of the figures currently listed are loose/incomplete and are in played with condition. By played with condition, I mean that they range anywhere from custom fodder to minor paint wear/dirt. I havent gone as far as to comment on the condition or price each individual figure yet, as I would like to see what kind of response I get from the community with this post. However, I will continue to add more figures and more information over the next few days. It's just a lot to try to put together all at once. (For Example It took me nearly 2 hours to take the pictures and upload them)

My current setup is this, but it is temporary until I can get settled in a bit:
1) I have a photobucket folder with pictures of the figures. Feel free to browse through all the albums to find something that interests you.
2) If you see a figure that you want, or if you want more pics or info, send me a pm. (Email is a more reliable contact for now) Please be your own judge of quality. I am sure that my Excellent condition is completely different from your idea of what is excellent. I have no problem trying to be more descriptive of damage or marks, taking more photos , or anything that will help you judge. You have to ask me for it though. I do not know what you are looking for if you don't tell me.
3) I'll respond with the new information or pictures.
4) We settle on price/trade. *(See note below)
5) I ship the figure(s). I typically use USPS. To start off, I will probably not ship internationally (I'm in the US) until I get some feedback and a reputation on the forums. This is to protect me from dealing with foreign laws if I should happen upon someone who doesn't hold up his end of the bargain. Once I am more comfortable here I may change this, as I have shipped int'l before with no issues. This also allows me to get delivery confirmation on domestic packages, which I make a point to purchase when shipping, for your peace of mind as well as mine.
6) I accept paypal at the Email address already listed.
7) I do not pay using the gift option, and therefore do not expect you to. If I think you should cover the fees, I will somehow include it in the asking price for the figure. (Although for the most part the fees are tolerable and I will pay them.)
Please keep in mind that shipping costs are different than postage costs. If I have to purchase special packing materials, or somehow go out of the way or do more than the ordinary to ship the package, I may charge a bit more than what I paid for postage. This means that I wouldn't expect to get negative feedback If I charged you $7 for shipping and the stamp on the envelope that you received only says that I paid $5.13. I do not typically charge more than postage for shipping, but there have been a few instances. I do not overcharge for shipping in an attempt to profit.

Sorry for some of the extra disclaimer type stuff, but there seems to be one person in every crowd that will try to take advantage of something just because it wasn't spelled out.

The Figures
There are figures posted from the following lines, plus others that aren't listed yet.

The Real Ghostbusters
G.I. Joe
Star Wars

Like I said, I will get more specific in the near future. Please bear with me until then.
* I currently have a want list that I posted, but would definately prefer to sell right now. Trading would defeat the original purpose of me getting rid of these, which was space restrictions. Having said that, If you have something on my wants list below and the deal is good for both of us, I will consider trades.

I currently only have a specific wants list for the G.I. Joe line, and a few MOTU items. This list is a work in progress.

GI Joe
1984 Storm Shadow v1
1988 Storm Shadow v2
1982 Snake Eyes v1
82/83 Snake Eyes v1.5
1985 Snake Eyes v2
1989 Snake Eyes v3
1984 Baroness
1984 Spirit
1985 Sgt. Slaughter v1
1986 Dial Tone
1986 The Fridge
1986 Mainframe
1986 Monkeywrench
1986 Viper
1987 Golobulus
1987 Steam Roller
1988 Hardball
1988 Road Pig
1988 Spearhead and Max
1989 SM Sgt. Slaughter
1989 SM Spirit
1989 PP Viper
1990 Capt. Grid Iron
1990 Night Creeper
1990 Topside
1990 Undertow
1993 Budo v2
2003 Shipwreck (v7)

Figure weapons- originals please

1984 Storm Shadow - Bow and long sword
1985 Quick Kick - sword, nunchucks
1987 Jinx - (2) Swords
1988 Budo - Silver sword, sai
1988 Road Pig - arm pad (x2), wrist crossbow, shoulder pads
1988 Spearhead and Max - helmet, machete
1988 Storm Shadow - claw (x2), sword
1989 Snake Eyes - Blow Gun, sub machine gun
1991 Snake Eyes - all but Gun

Vehicles/Vehicle parts-not broken preferably.

1983 Fang chopper
1985 Ferret (or version of TF, NF, Etc.) complete or parts
1985 Night Landing parts - sub-machine gun, knife
1986 TTT (or version of TF, NF, etc.) complete or (parts - engine cover)
1986 Night Raven and Drone parts- Drone cockpit cover, drone right-side gun, various Raven parts (bombs, missiles, pods, cockpit.)
1988 Desert Fox
1988 Mean Dog
1988 Night Blaster - Radar Dish, Cannon tip
1989 Slaughter's Marauders' Armadillo - missiles, wheels
1989 Fang II
1990 Overlord's Dictator - (1) Front gun

Playsets/Playset parts

87 MCC parts - 2 trees for top missile turret, 1 small missile for back mount, left gun for side of cab, 4 small wheels that attach to tracks.

03 Conquest of Cobra Mountain- missiles, flags and flagpost


Vintage Skeletor
Vintage Heman
Vintage Battlecat
Vintage Panthor
Vintage Weapons

Various Dukes of Hazard 3 3/4 figures.

Looking for Street Fighter Guile Head. New Neca one looks nice, but I'll consider others.

Thank you all for looking and I can't wait to get started.

Posted by ARAHfan32
on Tuesday, July 13, 2010
User Comments
ARAHfan32 -
Friday, July 16, 2010
OK everybody, link to the pictures is now working! Have fun looking, I added a bunch of new pictures, and began sorting them by toy line/category (kind of). Next on the agenda is TMNT, so stay tuned for your halfshell heroes! Also added a few more wants, so check it out.
scarlet_magpie -
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Hi buddy, here's a tip, you need 10 posts to be able to post pics, so go on the customn galleries and leave comments on some of the awesome customs over there and you will be able to post in no time flat!! oh and welcome to FR!
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