I'd like to trade customs for loose figures
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I'd like to trade customs for loose figures

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If you have loose figures and like customs, message me.

I am ALWAYS looking for more custom fodder parts and pieces. Any toy lines, any sizes, it doesn't matter to me. Loose toys can provide all kinds of parts and pieces crucial to my work.


Oh, and I'm new so I don't mind shipping first after we reach a deal. Thanks!


Custom Thundercats:

Lion-O modded/teched sword of omens
Tygra bola whip
Cheetara battle staff

Custom GI Joe:

Snake Eyes

Marvel Legends:

Ulik the troll (I have two that I'm finishing this weekend out of the 6 I'm doing total)
Quasar in second costume


Marvel Legends:

Black and red Variant Wasp
Longshot/Judge Dredd
Archangel with metal wings
Aoa Sabretooth
AoA Wolverine
10x Shield Agent from 2 pack
10x white costume hand ninja from 2 pack
10x Female Shield agent
10 Hasbro Elektra with long haired head and swords if possible
4x Hasbro Sam Jackson Nickfury w/ jacket and guns, please
4xHasbro Captain America from 2 pack with guns and shield and harness, please

Any other toys OTHER than Transformers (though I would like that hard to find Grimlock from a couple of years ago and that Hot Rod from the same time frame, just for nostalgic reasons, I only own a Captain America transformer and no others). I prefer toys that are not actively broken, though in large enough numbers, I'll trade for almost anything.

I would LOVE to get ahold of some old Thundercats toys and mod the heck out of them, adding articulation and such.

Posted by 4lcc
on Thursday, September 2, 2010
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4lcc -
Monday, September 6, 2010
I have a Lion-O, a Tygra, Cheetara and Panthro that are all done in the fan fiction costumes.

In my story, Panthro left New Thundera with their bounty hunter friend Mandora the Evil Chaser and became an agent of the Penal Colonies where he eventually hooked up with the SilverHawks program and became a SilverHawk. His technical know-how rivals the 'twins' and his raw power make him a viable force for good. I'm working on his interchangeable head currently and will post pics once he's done.

Cheetara switched from the bright "battle" clothing Jaga gave her and now wears a less form-fitting royal gown, similar to the toga of old. But she retains her dynamic speed and is capable of running in this gown, should the need arise.

Tygra devoted more of his time and energy to the study of the mystic arts, accidentally unleashing a dark force that overtook his body for a time, eventually costing him one of his eyes and scarring his face in the battle against this thing from beyond his reality. Tygra now wears a dark black body suit with white central striping.

Lion-O no wears his royal cape with his new black look, to demonstrate his Lion-like might for all on-lookers to see.
DiceMan -
Thursday, September 2, 2010
post what you got to trade and lots of use have stuff you would be interested in especially me
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