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Orosco Trading Post

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These are all a part of my personal collection but I am willing to trade and sell. Just give me an idea of what you got and we can see what deal could be made. I will be taking photos and editing so this thread will change a lot.

What I am looking for in trades: Trigun figure, Spiderman 2099, Armored Spiderman, Duke Nukem, Ryu Street Fighter, Ken Street Fighter, and will consider any trades.

*UPDATE 10/19/10* I am also looking for a Playstation 1 and PS1 games.

-From left to right-

Adventures of Spawn / Matrix - Switch / Matrix - Agent Smith / Dark Ages Spawn / Medieval Spawn / Laura Croft Tomb Raider / White Ranger / Spawn / XII Disciple Spawn / StarWars trooper / Curse of the Spawn

Adventures of Spawn: Commando Spawn / Spawn Series 24 - Classic Covers

Spawn Series 24 - Classic Covers / Adventures of Spawn: Omega Squad

Dark Victory Batman / Legends Green Ranger

Batman The Dark Knight Returns - Batman/Joker

Batman The Dark Knight Returns - Robin/Superman

Mecha Spawn / DC Universe - Batgirl/Azrael

Matrix Reloaded Twin 1/2

Posted by OroscoC
on Saturday, September 18, 2010
User Comments
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Im selling a lot of great used action figures,
broken rocket launcher missing handles but has pieces can be glued
2 supressed machine guns mint
Halo wars shotgun missing trigger
Clear bubble shield mint
broken bubble shield has all pieces can be glued
3 grenades mint
1 binoculars mint
1 plasma grenades mint
BR mint
Gravity hammer peg stuck in hole
Beam rifle mint
Assalt rifle mint but peg stuck in hole
needler mint
sniper missing bipod
1 blue plasma rifles mint
2 maulers mint
fist of rukt Broken could be glued
Odst backpack mint
carbine mint
energy sword mint
flame thrower mint
turent mint
suppressed pistol missing hand guard
Elite ultra mint
Rookie has some missing articulation but I give it a 6 ut of 10 with damage
glow rookie mint
noble 6 white mint
Dare with helmet loose
Steel hayabusa mint
Forge mint missing holster and has a loose leg
Master chief mint with forges holster and pistol
red team leader halo wars mint
Orange security minimal wear
orange mark V mint
clear arbiter mint
blue mark 6 stiff joint
red elite minimal wear
yellow elite space helmet stiff head
tartarus mint
Transformers 1 Movie Optimus prime Leader class mint
Transformers 1 Movie Megatron Leader class mint
Transformers G1 20th anniversary Optimus prime 1 FOOT TALL mint very 40$
Transformers 1 movie voyager class opitmus prime mint
Transformers 1 movie deluxe class bumblebee, jazz and bonecrusher
transformers Hotrod
Sand Skiff
Pit Sarlacc
Clone wars obi wan
sarlacc pit Alien wee quay
Sarlacc pit Lando
Attack of the clones anakin
AOC jango fett
Durge the bounty hunter
Black suited luke
Piolet luke
Clone wars mace windu
Random jedi
Qui gon jin
Darth maul
Phantom menace obiwan X2
battle droid
super battle droid
Han solo blue jacket
Boba fett
snow trooper
AOC anakin with magnet
White suit luke
Clone wars anakin
AOC obiwan X2 one with cloke one withour
Darth vader
4 Red lightsabers, ( two combine to make double)
6 green
10 blue
1 purple
1 extra hilt
1 blast effect
2 plastic robes
1 cloth cape
1 brown cloth robe
1 black cloth robe
+ other accessories
a few GI joe figures
1 wolverine motorcylce
AVP, Terminator 3, and Indiana jones diarama scenes
1assassins creed altair figure
1 lex luthor
1 the crow figure
1Rocky figure
1 John cena figure
2 punisher figures
1 wolverine figure
1 abomination figure
1 iron monger figure
1 neo
1 trinity
1 Morpheous
1 cypher
1 white chick
1 smallville klark
1 green lantern
1 synestro
1 Kroenen figure
1 3 inch figure Batman with a batcave

Sgt. Johnson figure
Any brute figure
Marines or ODSTs
Any elites ( mostly the halo reach ones)
Halo Vehicles
other halo enemies
tell me if your interested in any
OroscoC -
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
*UPDATE 10/19/10* I am also looking for a Playstation 1 and PS1 games.
OroscoC -
Tuesday, October 5, 2010
And you sir have a response.
CardiacArrest -
Monday, October 4, 2010
you sir have a pm
OroscoC -
Sunday, September 19, 2010
I have a want list above my image posts. Just propose what you can trade and we can see.
CardiacArrest -
Saturday, September 18, 2010
what are your wants, im interested in the batgirl 2 pack, please let me know.
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