Looking To Buy Marvel Lines or Possibly Trade
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Looking To Buy Marvel Lines or Possibly Trade

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Hello everyone. I am looking to complete my Marvel Universe and XMO:W lines. I would like to keep all trades and purchases in the US only. Please let me know if you think we can work out a deal. Thanks!

=====High Priority Wants=====

These are the figures I am looking for the most at the moment. Any offers containing items from this section will be considered first. I will also consider buying these for the right price.

[Basic - Series 1]
-010 Bullseye (1st version, Light Variant)

===X-Men Oigins:Wolverine===

-Wolverine from the Fastball Attack 2 Pack *Top Want*

=====High Priority Wants=====

=====Marvel Universe=====

I am interested in trading for these carded or loose. Card condition doesn't matter very much. If you have something loose it needs to be mint and complete including the Fury File. And I have to ask for the closest to perfect paint apps as can be expected with this line. Please let me know of any paint flaws before we trade.

[Basic - Series 1]
-002 Spider-Man (Dark Variant) *low priority, needs to be carded*
-032 Spider-Man (Dark Variant) *low priority, needs to be carded*

[Basic - Series 2]
-009 Luke Cage (White Shirt Variant)
-011 Black Widow (Blonde Hair Yelena Variant)
-Constrictor (would like this to be carded)
-Dark Hawkeye (would like this to be carded)
-Iron Man 2020 (would like this to be carded)
-Thanos (would like this to be carded)
-Yellow Jacket (would like this to be carded)

[Comic Packs]
-New Avengers: Sentry & Spiderman

-Galactus with Silver Surfer (Dark Variant)


All carded figures are in good shape. I would say probably c7-c9. If mint card condition is important please let me know and I’ll give you an accurate description or send pictures.

=====Marvel Universe=====
[Basic - Series 2]
-002 Wolverine (Unmasked X-Men Uniform New Head Sculpt Variant)
-019 Iron Patriot x2 (Norman Osborn Head Variant)
-029 Mystique
-030 Ghost Rider

[Secret Wars]
-Reed Richards
-All 12 issues of the Secret Wars comics from the comic packs

[Gigantic Battles]
-Iron Man (Pointed Mask - from the IM/Goliath set)

=====X-Men Origins:Wolverine=====
-Sabretooth (from the Blob/Sabretooth Deluxe Pack)

=====Iron Man 2=====
[Basic - Movie Series]
-16 Weapon Assault Drone
-17 Air Assault Drone

I also have a good amount of Vintage Star Wars, 25th-POC GI Joes, a random DCUC Spectre Variant, etc.. to trade. If there is anything that you're looking for in trade and have anything from my wants just let me know.

Posted by pkff13
on Friday, October 15, 2010
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