Toys for tots
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Toys for tots

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Well with the holiday season coming up it got me thinking I'm a adult (at least in years)who has tens of thousands dollars of toys in his room (heck my mom has already gotten me 1k+ in toys for me for christmas this year) but sadly there is a absurd amount of small children who will wake up to nothing or next to nothing this holiday season.

I know the economy is bad I haven't even finished shopping for my family but I really do want to do something this year rather its pick up a 5$ gi joe or give away one of the hundreds of worthless (to me to the little ones the can mean the world) MIP toys I have lying around my room.

So do any realmers give to toys for tots? Do you plan to start?

Over on the fwoosh a few members were discussing buying up and donating all of stores excess stuff like captain colds and a lot of these ROTF transformers so not only do they get to make a kid happy but also force stores to put out newer waves of toys.

I have shared my thought with a few friends and they said but I won't really be able to buy enough to make a difference so they don't buy anything I replied to them with a story. There was once a massive storm the morning after the storm millions of starfish washed up on the beach a single little girl walked the beach tossing the starfish back into the ocean a old man watched her for a hour and saw she wasn't putting a dent in the number of starfish on the beach. The old man looked at the young girl and asked her "what are you doing you'll never save enough you'll never make a difference" the young girl picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean she looked at the old man and replied "to that one I did".

Posted by Therapist
on Tuesday, December 8, 2009
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Top-notch comix -
Wednesday, December 9, 2009
EXACTLY! That's the spirit! (<they need a smily w/ a santa hat... that would be cool)
CplHicks -
Wednesday, December 9, 2009
I will be donating.

If you have money for a figure for yourself than you have enough for a kid in need.

I bought a 6 inch Buzz light year with kartre chop action.

I'm sure some kid will love it
bobtheodd -
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
If you do plan to do this, make sure the toy in question is not on any recall list for lead paint.
One year(last or the one before) they trashed millions of dollars of toys that people spent their hard earned money on and the kids still got nothing because the toys were considered toxic. I think this is a good program and I contribute to it every year. Just make sure to do your homework before you drop money on any item you might donate.
My local Walgreens and Big Lots has bends up.
leafman343 -
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
I think for a lot of people this year money is tight and its hard to donate things when you barely have enough money to buy gifts for family.
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