A Question About Making Tutorial
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A Question About Making Tutorial

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Hi people, I'm kinda new here so excuse me if I put the thread in the wrong place or else.

I want to ask a question about making a tutorial. I want to make a tutorial about another way to heat and pop your figure WITHOUT THE HELP OF A HAIR DRYER. I think that this tutorial will be quite useful to those who don't own any hair dryers (In my country, boys usually don't have this, including me). But the thing is that this trick will only work in Tropical or Subtropical Country because this trick involves "Sunbathing" your figure till it's plastic turn soft and pulling off it's appendages like a regular heat and pop method. And you know that only countries with Tropical or Subtropical climate will be able to do so because they have higher temperature in daylights. This method works nicely in Indonesia (it's where I live) and was proven by my friends here.

So here's the questions summed up:
1. Am I allowed to post this kind of thing?
2. Where can I post it?
3. I'm impressed by Dr. Nightmare's method of tutoring by comics n humour. Am I allowed to copy this method?

Thanks for your attention guys. And pardon my bad english, I might made a mistake or two.

Posted by Bosch_91
on Tuesday, May 18, 2010
User Comments
Thursday, May 20, 2010
1. I wouldn't see why not.
2. Contact Captain Coder about it.
3. Certainly, I believe Jin Saotome and Kyle Robinson did something similar.

I believe this type of topic would belong in the Custom help and questions area, there you'd probably get more help.

Oh, and welcome to the realm!
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