end of summer garage sales
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end of summer garage sales

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so I noticed on my way to the gas station to get my morning energy drink that it was my cities community garage sale
and I drove by a few of them on the way nocticed they had toys and kids stuff

my question is should I go and check some out even though I have absolutly no cash and if I find something good go through the agany of not being able to get it or should I not go and go through the agany of not noing if they did have something good?

I plan on having mine sat and sun this weekend cause I need the cash and I have tons of stuff to sell none of my figures but tons of other stuff I always make bout 2-3 hundred at my garage sales so should I wait till then when I have cash or should I go and check some out so I know where the good stuff is?

help me I can't decide

Posted by DiceMan
on Friday, September 10, 2010
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OroscoC -
Friday, September 17, 2010
I always drive by if I see some action figures. Picked up some comics at one that I can remember and an old Power Ranger figure, the ones that flip their heads.

Its best to just check without asking, I mean...you are passing by it. Might as well do it instead of asking.
DiceMan -
Friday, September 10, 2010
well I decided since you all didn't help to go out and check
I had litterally 1.65 on me and a gameboy just incase I came accross something I wanted and maybe I could have traded it
but there was nothing actually great to get but I did get a few things
three figures
and over 150 yugio cards and a few rare pokemon holos
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