Real Name:Tim Drake
Publisher:DC Comics
Base of Operations:Gotham City
Created By:Marv Wolfman & Pat Broderick
1st Appearance:Batman #436
Affiliations:Batman Family, Young Justice

When Tim was a toddler, he went to the circus and saw Dick Grayson's quadruple jump. Some time later, he saw news footage of Robin making the same jump, and deduced that Robin was Dick Grayson and therefore his adoptive father Bruce Wayne was Batman. Years later, after Jason Todd (the second Robin)'s death, a 13 years old Tim tried to convince Dick, now the Titans' leader Nightwing, to return with Batman against Two-Face, but when Dick decided to help as Nightwing instead of Robin, Tim took the Robin suit and helped them. Bruce reluctantly agreed to train Tim as the new Robin if he agreed to not take the suit again until further training.
Ater becoming Robin, Tim met other teenage sidekicks, Impulse and Superboy, and they founded Young Justice.
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All Produced Robin Action Figures
1975MegoComic Action HeroesBasic FiguresRobin
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super HeroesRobin
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super HeroesRobin (Removable Mask)
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super Heroes - Fist FightersRobin
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super Heroes - Large FigureRobin (12" Figure)
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super Heroes - Large FigureRobin (Magnetic)
1979MegoPocket Super HeroesRed CardRobin
1980MegoPocket Super HeroesWhite CardRobin
1984KennerSuper PowersSeries 1Robin
1990ERTLDC Comics Superheroes (ERTL)Basic FiguresRobin
1990ERTLDC Comics Superheroes (ERTL)Box SetsBatman / Robin / Superman / Batman / Joker / Penguin
1990Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresRobin
1991KennerBatman ReturnsSeries 1Robin
1992KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 1Robin
1993ERTLBatman - Animated Series (ERTL)Die CastRobin
1993KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 2Robin (Ninja)
1993KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 3Dick Grayson / Robin
1994KennerBatman - Animated Series2-PacksNinja Power Pack Batman & Robin
1995KennerBatman - Adventures of Batman & RobinSeries 1Robin (Bola Trap)
1995KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 4Robin (Glider)
1995KennerBatman - Crime SquadSeries 1Robin (Ski Blast)
1995KennerBatman - Legends ofSeries 2.5Robin (Crusader)
1995KennerBatman ForeverDeluxe FiguresRobin (Martial Arts)
1995KennerBatman ForeverSeries 1Robin (Hydro Claw)
1995KennerBatman ForeverSeries 1Robin (Street Biker)
1995KennerBatman ForeverSeries 2Robin (Skyboard)
1995KennerBatman ForeverSeries 2Robin (Triple Strike)
1995KennerBatman ForeverTarget ExclusivesRobin (Tide Racer)
1996KennerBatman - Adventures of Batman & RobinDuo Force - Series 1Robin (Air Strike)
1996KennerBatman - Legends ofSeries 3Robin (First Mate)
1996KennerBatman - Legends ofWarner Brothers Exclusive - Series 2Robin (Crusader)
1996KennerBatman - Legends of the Dark KnightSeries 1Robin (Dive Claw)
1996KennerBatman - Legends of the Dark KnightSeries 1Robin (Dive Claw)
1996KennerTotal JusticeSeries 1Robin
1997KennerBatman - Adventures of Batman & RobinDuo Force - Series 2Robin (Hydro Storm)
1997KennerBatman - Legends ofWarner Brothers Exclusive - Series 3Robin (First Mate)
1997KennerBatman - New AdventuresBasic FiguresRobin (Crime Fighter)
1997KennerBatman - New AdventuresDie CastRobin
1997KennerBatman & Robin12" ScaleRobin
1997KennerBatman & Robin2-PacksNight Hunter Robin vs Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy
1997KennerBatman & RobinDeluxe FiguresRobin (Aerial Defender)
1997KennerBatman & RobinDeluxe FiguresRobin (Glacier Battle)
1997KennerBatman & RobinDeluxe FiguresRobin (Wing Blast)
1997KennerBatman & RobinDeluxe FiguresRobin's Redbird Cycle
1997KennerBatman & RobinSeries 1Robin (Iceboard)
1997KennerBatman & RobinSeries 1Robin (Razor Skate)
1997KennerBatman & RobinUltimate FiguresUltimate Robin
1998DC DirectBatman (DC Direct)Yamato Imports - Wave 1Robin
1998DC DirectMAD MagazineJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 1998Alfred as Robin
1998HasbroDC Super Heroes (Hasbro)Warner BrothersRobin
1998KennerBatman - Knight Force NinjasBasic FiguresRobin (Hyper Crush)
1998KennerBatman - Knight Force NinjasBasic FiguresRobin (Side Strike)
1998KennerBatman - Legends of the Dark KnightSeries 3Robin (Jungle Rage)
1998KennerBatman - New Adventures12" ScaleRobin
1998KennerBatman - New AdventuresExclusives - Wal-MartBatman and Robin
1998KennerBatman - New AdventuresMulti PacksBatman / Robin / Alfred / Clayface
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2Robin (Blade Blast)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2Robin (Talon Strike)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2Robin (Triple Strike)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2 (with Batman Ring)Robin (Attack Wing)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2 (with Batman Ring)Robin (Talon Strike)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2 (with Batman Ring)Robin (Triple Strike)
1999HasbroBatman BeyondBatlinkRobin (Firewall)
1999KennerBatman - Mission MastersSeries 1Robin (Arctic Blast)
1999KennerBatman - Mission MastersSeries 2Robin (Arctic Ambush)
1999KennerJustice League America (JLA)Basic FiguresRobin
2000HasbroBatman - Spectrum of the BatBasic FiguresRobin (X-Ray Assailant)
2001KennerBatman - Mission MastersSeries 4Robin (Night Fury)
2001KennerBatman - Mission MastersWarner Bros. ExclusivesBatman and Robin
2001KennerBatman - Mission MastersWarner Bros. ExclusivesGatekeepers of Gotham City (Batman & Robin)
2002HasbroBatman - Spectrum of the BatBasic FiguresRobin (Sub-Pulse Detonator)
2002KennerBatman - Mission Masters2-PacksNight Shadow Batman & Night Fury Robin
2003DC DirectSilver AgeClassicBatman & Robin
2003DC DirectSuper FriendsBasic FiguresRobin & Riddler
2003MattelBatman (Mattel)ExclusivesZipline Batman & Robin (Diamond)
2003MattelBatman (Mattel)Series 1Robin (Battle Board)
2003MattelBatman (Mattel)Series 3Robin (Battle Board)
2003YamatoBatman (Yamato)Series 1Robin
2004DC DirectContemporary Teen TitansSeries 1Robin
2004DC DirectDark Knight ReturnsBasic FiguresRobin
2004DC DirectDark VictoryBasic FiguresRobin & The Penguin
2004DC DirectDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesBox SetsBatman
2004DC DirectFirst AppearanceSeries 2Robin
2004Diamond SelectC3 ConstructionWave 1Chemical Warehouse Battle (with Batman / Joker)
2005DC DirectCrisis on Infinite EarthsSeries 1Earth 2 Robin
2005DC DirectDC DirectDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]Robin
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekBasic FiguresRobin (Flamethrower)
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekBasic FiguresRobin (Flight Strike)
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekBasic FiguresRobin (Rad Zappin)
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekBasic FiguresRobin (Wild Wing)
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekMulti-Pack4 Pk: Joker, Batgirl, Batman, Robin
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekVehiclesRobin & Moto-Hawk
2006MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 3Robin
2007DC DirectBatman and SonBasic FiguresRobin & Damian
2007Diamond SelectDC MinimatesSeries 2Robin / Penguin
2007MattelDC Universe ClassicsFighting FiguresTwo-Face vs. Robin
2008DC DirectNew Teen TitansSeries 2Robin
2008MattelDC Universe ClassicsWave 3Robin
2009MattelDC Super FriendsBasic FiguresRobin
2010MattelDC Infinite Heroes75 Years of Super PowerEarth 2 Robin
2011DC DirectBatman - Arkham CitySeries 1Robin
2011MattelBatman - Power AttackBasic FiguresRobin (Strike Shield)
2011MattelBatman - Power AttackDeluxeRobin (Combat Smash)
2011MattelBatman LegacyWave 2 - 2-PacksRobin (Arkham City) / Joker
2011MattelDC Universe ClassicsWave 16Robin (Classic)
2011MattelDC Universe ClassicsWave 16Robin (Modern)
2012DC DirectBatman IncorporatedBasic FiguresDamian as Robin
2012DC DirectMAD MagazineJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 2012Alfred as Robin
2012MattelYoung Justice[4" Scale]Batman / Robin
2012MattelYoung Justice[4" Scale]Robin
2012MattelYoung Justice[6" Scale]Robin
2013MattelBatman - 2013 SeriesBasic FiguresRobin (Tech Glider)
2014FunkoHeroes (Funko)Pop! Vinyl FiguresRobin
2014FunkoHeroes (Funko)Pop! Vinyl FiguresRobin 1966
2014MattelDC Comics MultiverseWave 3Robin (Arkham Knight)
2014MattelDC UniverseSignature CollectionRobin (Damian Wayne)
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - Arkham KnightSeries 2Robin
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - New Adventures (2015)Wave 2Robin (TAS)
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - New Adventures (2015)Wave 3Robin (NBA)
2015MattelBatman - Classic TV SeriesBox SetsBatman / Robin / Batgirl
2015MattelBatman Unlimited2015 SeriesRobin & Blaster Hawk
2016Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresRobin
2016MattelDC Comics MultiverseNew 52 DoomsdayRobin (Dark Knight Returns)
2017Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresRobin
2017Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresRobin
2017MattelDC Comics MultiverseKing Shark SeriesDamian Wayne Robin
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