Real Name:Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Publisher:DC Comics
Height:5 ft 2 in
Weight:175 lbs
Origin:Wealthy family
Base of Operations:Gotham city
1st Appearance:Detective comics #58 December 1941
Affiliations:Gotham organized crime
Powers:Criminal mastermind, ability to train birds to commit crimes, and an arsenal of umbrella weapons.

A murderous gangster, Oswald Cobblepot grew up fascinated with birds, in part because his widowed mother ran an exotic bird shop. Nicknamed "The Penguin" by his cruel classmates, the villain would ultimately take his revenge on the citizens of Gotham City, earning him the attention of the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin. He is both devious and ruthless, usually flying from the scene of his crimes.
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All Produced Penguin Action Figures
1975MegoComic Action HeroesBasic FiguresPenguin
1975MegoComic Action HeroesBasic FiguresSuperman / Wonder Woman / Penguin
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super HeroesPenguin
1985KennerSuper PowersSeries 1Penguin
1989Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresPenguin
1989Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresPenguin
1989Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresPenguin
1989Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresPenguin
1990ERTLDC Comics Superheroes (ERTL)Basic FiguresPenguin
1990ERTLDC Comics Superheroes (ERTL)Box SetsBatman / Robin / Superman / Batman / Joker / Penguin
1992ERTLBatman Returns (ERTL)Die-CastPenguin
1992KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 1Penguin
1992KennerBatman ReturnsSeries 1Penguin
1993ERTLBatman - Animated Series (ERTL)Die CastPenguin
1997KennerBatman - New AdventuresDie CastPenguin
1998KennerBatman - Legends of the Dark KnightSeries 3Penguin
2004DC DirectBatman (DC Direct)Yamato Imports - Wave 2Penguin
2004DC DirectDark VictoryBasic FiguresRobin & The Penguin
2004DC DirectSilver AgeClassicCatwoman & The Penguin
2004YamatoBatman (Yamato)Series 2Penguin
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedBasic FiguresPenguin
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedMulti-PacksBatman vs. The Penguin
2006MattelBatman - Extreme PowerBasic FiguresPenguin (Deluxe Tux)
2006MattelBatman - Extreme PowerMulti-Pack4 Pk: Catwoman, Knight & Midnight Batman, Penguin
2007Diamond SelectDC MinimatesSeries 2Robin / Penguin
2007MattelDC Universe ClassicsWave 1Penguin
2012DC DirectBatman - Arkham CitySeries 3Penguin
2013DC DirectBatman - Arkham City2-PacksSickle & The Penguin
2013MattelBatman UnlimitedWave 1Penguin
2014NecaBatman (Neca)18" ScalePenguin (Batman Returns)
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - New Adventures (2015)Wave 4Penguin (TAS)
2015MattelBatman - Classic TV SeriesBasic FiguresPenguin
2016Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresPenguin
2016FunkoHeroes (Funko)Pop! Vinyl FiguresPenguin (Impopster)
 34 Action Figures Produced
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