Bruce Wayne
Name:Bruce Wayne
Publisher:DC Comics
Origin:Comic Book
Base of Operations:Gotham City
Created By:Bill Finger & Bob Kane
Actors:Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale
1st Appearance:Detective Comics #27

Bruce Wayne is a wealthy citizen of Gotham City, seen as as a lazy, irresponsible playboy by most people. But when danger approaches, Bruce Wayne changes into Batman to protect Gotham.
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All Produced Bruce Wayne Action Figures
MedicomReal Action HeroesBatman: The Dark KnightBruce Wayne
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super Heroes - Montgomery WardsBruce Wayne (Alter Ego)
1990KennerDark Knight CollectionSeries 1Bruce Wayne
1992KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 2Bruce Wayne
1992KennerBatman ReturnsSeries 1Bruce Wayne
1995KennerBatman ForeverSeries 1Bruce Wayne (Transforming)
1995KennerBatman ForeverTarget ExclusivesBruce Wayne
1997KennerBatman & RobinSeries 1Bruce Wayne (Battle Gear)
1998KennerBatman - New AdventuresBasic FiguresBruce Wayne (Undercover)
2000HasbroBatman BeyondReturn of the JokerBruce Wayne (Rapid Switch)
2003MattelBatman (Mattel)Series 4Bruce Wayne
2004DC DirectDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesBox SetsBatman
2004Diamond SelectC3 ConstructionWave 1Batcave (with Heavy Assault Batman / Bruce Wayne / Joker)
2004MattelBatman - New AnimatedBasic FiguresBruce-To-Batman
2005Diamond SelectC3 ConstructionExclusivesStealth Batwing (Pilot Batman / Bruce Wayne)
2005MattelBatman BeginsSeries 1Bruce to Batman (Ninja)
2005MattelBatman BeginsSeries 2Bruce to Batman (Dual Blade)
2006MattelBatman - Extreme PowerBonus DVDBruce-To-Batman
2006MattelBatman - New AnimatedBasic FiguresBruce-To-Batman (Re-Issue)
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekBasic FiguresCitizen Wayne to Batman
2007MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 8Bruce Wayne to Batman
2008MattelDark Knight[3 3/4" Scale] 2-PacksBattle Armor Batman & Bruce Wayne
2008MattelDark Knight[3 3/4" Scale] Series 1 - VehiclesShift Attack Sports Coupe
2008MattelDark Knight[5" Scale] Series 1Bruce To Ninja Batman
2009MattelDark Knight - Movie MastersExclusives - MattyCollectorBruce Wayne (Survival Suit)
2009MattelJustice League Unlimited3-Packs - DC UniverseWarhawk / Batman / Bruce Wayne
2011DC DirectBatman - Return of Bruce WayneBasic FiguresBruce Wayne (High Seas)
2011DC DirectBatman - Return of Bruce WayneBasic FiguresBruce Wayne (Prehistoric)
2011DC DirectBatman - Return of Bruce WayneBasic FiguresBruce Wayne (Wild West)
2011DC DirectBatman - Return of Bruce WayneBasic FiguresBruce Wayne (Witch Hunter)
2016Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresBruce Wayne
 31 Action Figures Produced
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