Dr. Light
Name:Dr. Light
Real Name:Kimiyo Hoshi
Publisher:DC Comics
Height:5' 3"
Weight:48 kg
Origin:Comic book
Created By:Marv Wolfman & George Perez
1st Appearance:Crisis on Infinite Earths #4
Affiliations:Justice League

The Monitor, needing more heroes to help against the Anti-Monitor, caused a light beam from a red star to strike astronomer Dr Kimiyo Hoshi, who got light-generating powers and became the superheroine Dr Light.
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All Produced Dr. Light Action Figures
2006DC DirectCrisis on Infinite EarthsSeries 3Dr. Light
2006DC DirectIdentity CrisisSeries 1Dr. Light
2006MattelJustice League Unlimited3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsSuperman / Aquaman / Dr Light
2006MattelJustice League Unlimited3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsSuperman / Aquaman / Dr Light
2007MattelJustice League UnlimitedDC Super Heroes - Purple CardsDr. Light
 5 Action Figures Produced
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