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Collector Dirt
Favorite Figure:Marvel Legends BAF; WarbirdFavorite Series:Marvel Legends
First Figure:Gorilla Alien from KennerCollection Size:21 Marvel Legends, 1 complete BAF (Sentinel), 9 Marvel Universe, three Kenner line Aliens
Currently Collecting:Marvel Legends; Terrax series and Ronan the Accuser series
Want List:Marvel Legends: Ghost Rider (Terrax, blue flame), Iron Man (Terrax, stealth variant), Madame Masque (both versions), Hope Summers, Thor (Terrax and Blob series), Warbird (Giant-Man series), Ultimate Wolverine (Blob series), Ares complete BAF, Iron Spider (MVU and 6 inch), Mystique (head only)

Marvel Universe (or equivilent 3 1/4 figures): Apocalypse, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, Unmasked Captain America (Avengers movie series), Ms. Marvel, Black Suit Spider-Man (no specific series, just want it for a display)

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