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Favorite Figure:right now Generations Optimus PrimeFavorite Series:Transformers,
First Figure:oh man. either G1 Optimus or a GI joe i think.Collection Size:about 150 figures? I just sold off alot.
Currently Collecting:Transformers: G1, Encore from japan, Generations, other imports. Ghost in the shell, Ikki tousen, tenjho tenge, robotech/macross, airgear, other anime figs, some NECA stuff. Anything that catches my eye. Especially naked anime girls lol. Trading arts figures (final fantasy, star ocean).
Want List:Ikki tousen figures, airgear figures, tenjho tenge figures, half nude or nude anime girls, trading arts figures, transformers, ghost in the shell figures. An arm and leg for the Nemesis Baf.

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