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Favorite Figure:It might be the new SHF Goku 2.0. But when that dark bodysuit Vegeta comes out from the new movie... You can bet that boy's taking the spot. The 2.0 Vegeta is an excellent figure, and it's only the fact that I don't like the colors that holds him back. The new design's dark blue suit and grey armor accents are so choice.Favorite Series:SH Figuarts Dragon Ball
First Figure:Han Solo with Smuggler Flight Pack, Power of the Force #0, 1996Collection Size:Too damn big!
Currently Collecting:SHF Figuarts Dragon Ball is my main focus. I can't afford to stray too far outside of that, and I'm only currently starting to pick at some other lines like Marvel Legends in order to build a couple of original characters of mine. I've also bought the occasional One Piece statue, but I really do try to behave myself... Currently working on several SHF Dragon Ball figures in various stages of imcompletion, as well as trying to work out what 1/12 scale figures (from various lines) are appropriate for some original characters of mine. I'm pretty new to customizing poseable figures, I'm much more of a miniature converting kinda gal, wargaming models, RPG miniatures and such. There's a lot of stuff I'm still learning, so I actually haven't finished a single figure yet. It's kinda frustrating how long it's taking me... I'm just trying to be patient with myself.
Want List:I try to go easy on it, but I'd like at least one statue of each member of the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece, and maybe a couple of key allies. I have one of Vivi, for example, who isn't a member of the crew anymore, but is important enough to have warranted the purchase... And maybe Shanks and Trafalgar Law would qualify too. Characters like that. I'd really like a Perfect Cell Figuarts, because the one I got back when it came out has super loose legs and can't stand up for crap. I never managed to snag the re-release. Finally, naturally, I would kill a man in cold blood for SHF Android 17.

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