Figure Purchase Dilemma
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Figure Purchase Dilemma

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So I finally have seen the movie "Trick R Treat" .After I've wanted the NECA Sam figure because I collect horror figures and he had a pretty cool look to him ,but now that I seen the film I now have issue don't get me wrong Sam's character was alright in my book. But I hate when they kill kids in movies (maybe cuz I've worked with kids as a teachers aid in the past) so like the first time I was like eh whatever but as it progressed there is a scene where kids are heard being dismembered and eaten alive during the schoolbus story .so this like 7 seconds of a film I grad a B without it kinda left me with a sour taste.

So aside from an interesting story to share it leaves me with two discussion questions

1) Have morals or anything of that sort prevented you from purchasing a figure you wanted ?
(Example:No wanting a Chris Beniot figure because he became a real life murderer)

2) Have you ever Rushed in and bout figures from a film and after seeing it regretting the figures / Almost bought figures from a film you hadn't seen and felt like you dodged the bullet after not liking the film and still not buying the figures?

Posted by HeartBreakKid
on Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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Wolverhulk Iron Spideysurfer -
Friday, November 15, 2013
I spend a lot of time pouring over which figures to get and which versions of a figure to get or make on my own. That's a big part of the fun for me. That time spent usually frees me from regretting later. And yes the coolness of the movie or character/actor/source material all mix and mash around in a crazy hodge podge of collector obsession until I finally pull the trigger. I remember not purchasing the Ryan Reynolds GL because the figure was too skinny and the movie wasn't quite what I was hoping for. As far as morality goes I think it's near impossible to completely eliminate any morally indefensible companies or persons from your life unless you became a recluse and lived on a subsistence farm off the grid. I mean governments and businesses and people on TV are going to be doing and saying things you don't agree with. Case in point: Assassin's Creed mentioned earlier. I don't feel this game has an agenda to mock, insult or disprove anything. To me it's an alternate reality work of fiction just like other fantastical super human, alien, magical fiction. But if you think AC isn't for you or is offensive that's OK too. At the end of the day I say enjoy life, be good to yourself and those around you as best you can. But I can't worry about every single negative connotation that could possibly exist for every person in the world all the time. I am having trouble with Mel Gibson movies though and I used to love Braveheart. And I don't do Chris Brown music or Seinfeld reruns. And I'm still mad at Michael Vick. But if someone came along and said "hey I still love that stuff" I wouldn't hold that against him/her because like I said before nothing is completely indefensible because nobody's perfect, I know I'm not. Just try to do the best I can.
clayface -
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
If I remember correctly it was some young children that he killed, it's kind of crucial to the plot point when it happened. The rest of the movie is teenagers & adults dying.

I was always a huge Friday the 13th fan. For the most part it was teenagers that were dying because the counselors were at the camp partying weeks early before the kids got there. But then came Jason Lives part 6. They thought Jason was dead for good & opened the camp back up. Of course at the beginning of the movie he rose from the grave & went back to what he knows, camp crystal lake. My Dad took me to see the movie in the theater & I'll never forget the scene where the kids are sleeping in their beds & Jason is walking through their cabin. The one little girl is still awake & sees him. I always wondered why a heartless killing machine like Jason never killed the kids in that scene. I guess they had guidelines set about that back then in movies. In the 2000's that must have changed since the kids died in Trick or Treat. It's just more of a statement about what our society is becoming in general if you ask me? I swear the world was a better place bitd.

Now as for the figure. I never knew they even made him!!!! Now I must get him. If you are serious about not owning him because of what happened in the movie, I will gladly take him off your hands.

I have no problems buying a figure because of something that happened in the movie. Because after all it's just a movie & not real. The only problem I really have on buying figures is anything mattel. Since they are a company with no morals that deceives & lies to their fan base on a regular basis!
leafman343 -
Thursday, October 10, 2013
I haven't seen the film, was it Sam that murdered the children? To me that would be the important part. If he did then I might be leery of buying the figure, but it also depends on how much of a plot point killing them is. If it is minor and in the film he murders adults as well, then he is an indiscriminate killer and it isn't a big deal. If it is the focus of the film, then no, I would feel like buying the action figure is in some way supporting the murder of children.

Look at another way, do you have any problems with owning a Freddy Krueger figure? He primarily kills teenagers in his films, which are typically considered to still be children.
Purity -
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Yes actually. I bought an Altair figure from TRU once and still have it because I love the character's premise and simply, I think he looks cool. Later, I found out that


there is a story that basically disproves Christianity in the game. And in the second one, I've heard you fight and kill the Pope. So, I still have yet to play the games (but I've heard the story that causes controversy) but I don't want to support anything that insults, mocks, or tries to disprove any religion whatsoever. I'm a Christian, which just makes it worse, but I'm against blaspheming any religion. It's that person's personal God(s) and beliefs and what they believe is between them. So, what stink is that the franchise is cool in a sense of what it's about. A hooded assassin who freeruns and uses innovative tools and weapons as well as a cool form of fighting is awesome, and I love the art style and the figures look great, but I feel uncomfortable supporting a franchise that blatantly blasphemes one's personal beliefs. So, I feel your pain.
somebody1 -
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
I got no issue with bootlegs, especially transformers, but I stopped buying the Bayformers movie figures out of disgust for him and what he did to the franchise.
pock63 -
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
I don't buy strait remolded bootlegs for moral reasons because they are directly stealing another companies work and in my eyes that's wrong, also paying $30 or more for a six inch figure goes against my morals
HeartBreakKid -
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
On the second one I wasn't asking so much about morally disliking it juts general film sucking-ness .Perhaps you're right when there is a horror movie called "Trick R Treat" I coulda assumed involved kids and seeming it's horror should have assumed death and put the two together to realize what I was in for
Darththomas -
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
No and No

Not to this day on number 1 anyway, don't get me wrong if I heard slave labor was being used to make an action figure I'd probably swerve it but not on the basis of what happened in a film. Sure kid stuff is pretty grim in a film but horror films are meant to shock and to be controversial, you kinda know what you're letting yourself in for when watching a horror film.
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