Best and Worst of 2013
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Best and Worst of 2013

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As 2013 is coming to a close I was wondering what are some of the best and worst figures obtained this year. For me, Marvel Universe's Kraven the Hunter was the best with Ultimate Storm Shadow not far behind. As for the worst, Series 1 G.I.Joe Retaliation Duke. What are your best and worst buys this year to date?

Posted by KaMillion Kustoms
on Thursday, October 10, 2013
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Purity -
Sunday, December 29, 2013
Okay, my new best figure is hands down Play Arts Kai Halo 4 Blue Spartan Warrior. This figure is flawless!
Wolverhulk Iron Spideysurfer -
Friday, November 15, 2013
Best: Man of Steel Superman. Yep. I bought him and love him. Mostly because I've never liked DCUC so to get DC figs that look different is fantastic.

Worst: Dark Knight Rises Bane. Waited a long time before deciding to buy one because of how bad he is. When I find the time I'll definitely be doing some custom work on him.
somebody1 -
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Best: the Figma link and Samus figures.

Worst: like said before playarts jacking the prices up thru the roof as they get more franchises.
Purity -
Friday, October 11, 2013
Best- A 3 way tie between NECA's Chell from Portal, Star Wars Black Series Sandtrooper or Darth Maul, and the D-Arts Charizard.

Not sure on worst.
KaMillion Kustoms -
Friday, October 11, 2013
I almost forgot about my NECA Jungle Disguise Dutch figure as one of the best and not to forget the TMNTs maybe not the best but one of the most fun. Also, did 'anybody' buy a Superman Man of Steel figure, by the way the whole line still fills the stores this has to fall as one of the worst.
Spoon -
Friday, October 11, 2013
Stuff that came out in 2013/ end of 2012

Marvel Legends- X-Force Deadpool, Iron Monger BAF, Archangel, Black Panther, Wrecker, Rocket Raccon BAF
Marvel Select- Rhino, Venom, The Wolverine, Iron Man Mark 42 Battle Damaged, Unleashed Hulk, Ultron
DCUC-DKR Batman, Watchmen Line and Flight Stands 2.0
Play Arts Kai Dark Knight Trilogy Joker
Star Wars Black Series 1

If the Dark Knight Returns Batman had ML articulation and a different cape, it would hands down be my favorite. My favorite would be between DKR Batman, Play Arts Joker, MS The Wolverine & Iron Man Mark 42 Battle Damaged. Star Wars Black was my favorite line with Watchmen as second. 2014 looks good for all of these lines except DCUC. At least Mattel is releasing the announced figures as day of sales on their website and Doomsday at SDCC in 2014.

ML- Distribution issues and some heavy reuse of bodies/parts that nobody asked them to reuse. I'd pick Protector if nothing more than for a bland look and wasted character slot and Luke Cage looks oddly proportioned in pics. I don't own Cage yet.

MS-Thor Jane Foster. Who wanted this? There aren't any other characters worth picking in the Thor Movieverse? Storm for limited articulation and War Machine if only because he looks so bland. Also, I'd like to see them reissue the better figures from their previous work. Nobody Wanted Blue Stealth Extremis Iron Man or that ugly Disney Store Thor again.

DCUC- Died......I could also complain about the lack of accessories with Watchmen figures, lagging behind in the articulation department, killing a new line every four months or so, but it's over now. Silk Spectre was a letdwon for me. Their worst figure was easily Batman Unlimited Beware The Bat. That figure is pure crap.

Play Arts- Prices increased, quality control issues persist and not always using the most up to date joints they have available for their figures.

Star Wars Black- The wait for Series 2
pock63 -
Friday, October 11, 2013
My best this year was the complete dcuc Chemo BAF, I'm not really sure what the worst was though, I can't think of any figures I got that I didn't like
Darththomas -
Friday, October 11, 2013
That IS a tricky question

Best I'm gonna go for my most recent purchase or SOTA Street fighter Vega, I love these guys, they're so solid and the paints and sculpt are second to none. A close second would also be the Starwars Black series, such good figures and in third I'm putting the epic heroes legends wave (excluding Ironman ) where the UK got all the variants for some unknown reason.

Worst is a little harder as I don't really buy figures I don't like the look of so it's quite hard to get disappointed but I guess in a chose or die situation I'd go with the 3.75" thundercats line, I know they came out in 2011 but I bought them this year for super cheap at clearance stores, sold them on later as they were just surplus to requirement after I completed the 6" line.
Therapist -
Friday, October 11, 2013
Hmmmm best Im not really sure. Its Hard to really pick 1 . I LOVE my Figuarts Green Dragon Ranger. Behind him would be the Star wars Black series and behind them would be Elite 23 Antonio Cesaro, DC Infinite earths Huntress, RML FF Dr. Doom and my '94 MMPR Megazord!!!

Worst.... Havent gotten too many that Id say are bad this year Maybe my Yellow Akibaranger season 2 Nothing wrong with her at all! its just she is the EXACT same as season one except different "hair" Im also soooooo dissapointed in the Watchmen series Dr. Manhattan
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