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I hope I got this in the right place, I'd put it in the figure review but since its not a figure... well here it is. I picked up several sets of 1/6 scale weapons from 21st Century toys. They make g1 joe size figures and I thikn I saw ML scale too. Their weapons are very detailed. I got 2 WW2 german machine guns and 4 modern weapons. All ahve working actions, scope covers (on the sniper) and various ammo cannisters. The ww2 come with six spent shells, two drums with removable ammo belts that actually fit into the guns the way the really did, working tripods and working pop up sites. They have other sets including gang style assault weapons, soviet rpgs, and even an assortment of police shotguns. They were all marked $5 but were actually $3 when I got to the register. I say go for them if you can just for the various ammo belts and what not as they would work in 6" scale as higher caliber ammo. You can even cut up the guns for mecha/armor weapons. I like my guns way too big for the figures, anime style, so you'll probably see these pop up sooner or later. Check out their website: for more info. I hope this helps everyone out. most of their toy lines are under the "Ultimate Soldier" brand.

Posted by somebody1
on Friday, October 10, 2008
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somebody1 -
Friday, February 6, 2009
lol. you like old posts. I have a new place. I'm going to start ordering from here. though the stuff is a bit big for Sigma 6 figures I think.
Sarresh -
Friday, February 6, 2009
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