Airbrush Compressor: help me decide!
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Airbrush Compressor: help me decide!

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I need an airbrush compressor to start doing some paint jobs and was able to find 2 on (since I'm in Europe).
One is a diaphragm membrane compressor and the other one a piston compressor.
They both cost the same, but which one should I choose??
Diaphragm is item number 290422243791
Piston is item number 300416664017

Please help me out!

Spraymaster Oil-Less Diaphragm Air Compressor - CPS1007
High Quality Multi-Use Compressor that Delivers Very High Air Flow and Maintains a Constant Working Air Pressure!
SprayMaster AS-06 Air Compressor Features:

The AS-06 is a powerful compressor at 1/4 horsepower this unit delivers more Air Volume (CFM) and Air Pressure (PSI) than any airbrush demands. High air flow at 70 litres/minute is has nearly twice the air flow compared to similar piston compressors. Very portable light-weight and compact with a built in carrying handle for Easy Handling and Storage. Provides a constant working air pressure and has a water trap filter with gauge with a adjustable air valve to adjust the Working Pressure of the air to suit your needs. This diaphragm membrane compressor will have a service life several times longer than a Piston Type. The AS-06 is a oil-less diaphragm membrane compressor making it maintenance free.

Model AS-06 Oil-Less Diaphragm Air Compressor Specifications:

* Type: Diaphragm Membrane Compressor
* Power: 1/4 Horse Power (50 Watts)
* Speed: 1700 RPM
* Air Delivery: 70 Litres/Minute; 0.8 CFM @ 53 PSI
* Working Pressure: 10 to 50 PSI
* Maximum Pressure: 53 PSI (3.5 Bar)
* Air Adjustment Valve: Adjusts Working Pressure
* Connections: 1/4'' BSP

Spraymaster Premium Silent Airbrush Compressor - CPS1002
High Quality Multi-Use Compressor that Delivers Very High Air Flow and Maintains a Constant Working Air Pressure!
SprayMaster AS-18 Mini Silent Airbrush Compressor (oil free) Features:

The AS-18 air compressor is an Oil-less Maintenance-Free 1/8HP Auto-Stop (Preset at 60 PSI), Thermal Protected unit with much higher quality standards built in than most other airbrush compressors on the market today. The AS-18 is designed to work only when you do. With this unique automatic on/off shutoff switch, it only operates when you are airbrushing. This "Air-On-Demand" feature allows the compressor to operate much cooler and avoid overheating problems that frequently plague other compressor models. The AS-18 delivers more air volume (CFM) and pressure (PSI) than any airbrush demands and is much quieter than its competitors. The unit has a water trap to ensure clean, dry air, and the true diaphragm regulator & Gauge which allows you to accurately control the air pressure to the airbrush from 0 to 60 PSI. The AS-18 compressor comes with a full air warranty and your assurance of the quality that you have come to expect with all of our fine airbrushing products.


*Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
*Power: 1/5 HP
*Maximum pressure: 7bar(100PSI)
*Air output per min./litres: 23L/min
*Auto stop, start at 30 psi, stop at 60 psi (special pressure available)
*Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
*Connections: with connection 1/8'' BSP

Posted by MrGore
on Friday, April 16, 2010
User Comments
somebody1 -
Saturday, April 17, 2010
I'd say the first one since it seems to have a better range of pressures you can use from 10-50 psi.
MrGore -
Saturday, April 17, 2010
So, no one??
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