Couple of questions regarding Customs
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Couple of questions regarding Customs

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Okay, I am new to the forums and to this customs... I have worked on clay and potter´s clay. Both of them are different, in clay you can modify as many times as you want, but with potter´s clay, its the same as with aves sculpey. I like more Clay ways, what do you recommend me to work with then? what type of Sculpy for crafting? Should I try Aves that softens in 5 hours or something different? please advise.

2nd I want to do a Captain Commando custom, what Marvel Legends base is the best? I was thinking either Silver Surfer or a Bullseye, please comment THANKS! I will await your responses.

Edit: It is a Captain Commando Figure XD not Bionic XD made the first name mistake.

Posted by jrdehais
on Thursday, August 19, 2010
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jrdehais -
Saturday, August 21, 2010
Bump, didn't get any responses on the change of character

its the Captain Commando from Capcom!
jrdehais -
Friday, August 20, 2010
Sorry I made a mistake... XD I meant to say Captain Commando... XD from the Marvel vs Capcom 2 fighting series and from the SNes game... so its Captain Commando, thats why I wanted to use a thin character on the feet like sliver surfer, I was thinking that even a Spiderman could work on the bottom and the top do it with either a Punisher or Bullseye... comments

I am calling Aves right now to check on the prices as on ebay its kinda expensive -.-
somebody1 -
Friday, August 20, 2010
For the bionic commando I was going to use the NEca figure they made for the xbox game. The hair needs changed as does the clothing but its the best source for an arm.
Mighty Tom -
Friday, August 20, 2010
aves is definitely your best bet, as for a bionic commando custom I don't know if a silver surfer or a bullseye would really work but then again I have seen some really great customs made from some very unlikely base figures so all I can recommend is just have a look around the realm for some bionic commando custom and hopefully that might give you some ideas.
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