need help protecting sculpted parts
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need help protecting sculpted parts

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for quite a while I've been practicing adding sculpt to some of my customs, but my biggest problem is that they always crack and chip. Are there any thin-coating sealants and/or adhesives that I can use to keep them sealed and strong?

The most useful one I've found to date is Amazing Goop. It's amazing how well it works, but the problem is that it is just as the name suggests... goop. It's ok for larger scale projects but it's almost impossible to manipulate on small-scale projects like protecting sculpted hair

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Posted by lordseshomaru86
on Friday, February 25, 2011
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blaynescott -
Saturday, March 5, 2011
I've learned to avoid using aves for details which could be banged,or scraped - I.e: smal details on hands, heads, or anything thats not a larger, broad area.

Insead, use Citadel "green stuff". It's slightly flexible, and work well on shin areas without chipping or cracking.

If you've already sculpted the area in aves, I agree with sealing the area with a thin layer of liquid type superglue. Test an area before, as depending on humidity nd how old the tube is - it can dry with pot marks, or a rough surface, rather than a smooth glass like one.

Patraw -
Monday, February 28, 2011
I agree, adding a coat of super glue to thin/fragile sculpted parts is a good tip to increase their durability--I do that all the time myself.
somebody1 -
Saturday, February 26, 2011
I agree with this and a thin coat of superglue helps but you have to be careful not to get it on too thick or you'd have to sand it.
Patraw -
Saturday, February 26, 2011
You might try adding a metal armature inside what you're sculpting as well, that'll lend it additional strength and help reduce breakage (I.e., if you sculpted a unicorn horn sticking out of the head of your custom character, if you had a metal rod running through the center of it, it's be much less likely to snap/shear off).
bobtheodd -
Saturday, February 26, 2011
I agree. I just started working with apoxie sculpt and when the stuff sets up, it would not be an exaggeration to say its as hard as a rock.
pock63 -
Friday, February 25, 2011
Just buy some apoxie sculpt or fixit sculpt. They are both very sturdy.
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